Prey 2: Interviews

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“HE’S working his way through Life On Mars and Ashes To Ashes casts.

“He’ll be casting Keeley Hawes in Prey 3, probably. I would’t be surprised.”

Philip Glenister talking to me about his role as prison officer David Murdoch in the second series of Prey, created and again written by Chris Lunt.

Joking about the fact he follows on from former Life On Mars – and Mad Dogs – co-star John Simm who appeared in the acclaimed first series.

Rosie Cavaliero returns to the regular lead role as Det Sgt Susan Reinhardt, in pursuit of Murdoch after he goes on the run.

With MyAnna Buring as prisoner Jules Hope, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett as DC Richard Iddon and Sammy Winward as Murdoch’s pregnant daughter Lucy.

The three-part Red Production Company drama starts on ITV at 9pm this Wednesday (Dec 9).

You can read my interviews with Philip Glenister and Chris Lunt in the ITV Production Notes at the link below.

Including Phil explaining why his dancing days are over.

Prey 2 Production Notes

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