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“PETER Pan’s for little kids. I saw it years ago.”

If that’s what you’re thinking about Peter & Wendy (ITV, 8pm Boxing Day), then think again.

The feature length family film is rooted in the present day of London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH).

While linking into JM Barrie’s classic story and its origins.

Irish actress Hazel Doupe plays Lucy Rose, a young girl who arrives at GOSH for a life or death operation.

Stanley Tucci is hospital consultant Mr Wylie (no relation), the surgeon who has Lucy’s life in his hands.


Peter & Wendy tells the story of Peter Pan with Hazel also playing the role of Wendy Darling.

Stanley also appearing as Captain Hook and, briefly, Mr Darling.

All weaved into modern day events at the London hospital with writer Adrian Hodges bringing a fresh angle to the story while retaining the magic of Peter Pan.

Including the eye-catching casting of Paloma Faith as Tinker Bell.

Zak Sutcliffe plays Peter Pan, the young boy yearning for the love of a mother.

And every parent will identify with Laura Fraser as Lucy’s mother Julie Rose.

With scenes actually filmed at GOSH, as well as on a specially built hospital set.


The original novel was inspired by the death of Barrie’s elder brother in a tragic accident.

Given a copy of the book in hospital, Lucy at first dismisses it with the words in my intro above.

But after reading the first few pages she notes that it’s a lot sadder than she remembered.

Also asking Mr Wylie before her operation: “What if something goes wrong and I don’t wake up?”

With this advice for her mother:

“Seize the day mum. You never know if you’ll get another chance.”

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More production photos below, including The Killing star Bjarne Henriksen as Jerzy:

Peter Pan

Peter Pan - Specials

Peter Pan - Specials


Peter Pan - Specials











Peter Pan - Specials



Peter Pan - Specials

Peter Pan - Specials