My name is Ian Wylie and I am a journalist, TV writer and exiled Geordie based in Northumberland and London, available for hire at reasonable rates. Click on Who Am I? above for more about me plus my contact details.

Full archives of the previous Life of Wylie blog before October 2009, including the period from April 29 to October 2 2009, are here.

Boring Legal Stuff: All the words on this site (good, bad or in the wrong order) are my own work and, you guessed it, are my copyright. Please feel free to link back to blogs / articles here and quote short extracts for illustration with due credit. But please do not lift / snag / “borrow” the material wholesale and then plonk it on your own website. Linking is the friendly way to play.

Newspapers, magazines and other commercial media – both hard copy and online – please contact me direct about further usage. Like you, no doubt, I have bills to pay:

ian DOT wylie AT btclick DOT com


2 responses to “About

  1. David williams

    Hello Ian,
    I used to enjoy reading your features in the MEN. Sorry you went through redundancy, I did too in July, used to work on Quay street and noticed you on occasion. Hope everythings better for you soon. London’s great and signifies a new beginning. You and your family have a lovely christmas

  2. Mary

    Wishing all the visitors to “Life of Wylie” and Ian himself … Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Ian, I enjoy your site very much and the Corontation Street updates you provide to the faithful Canadian Coronation Street fans. That’s me!

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