The Level

“IT’S not really a world I know much about.

“I’m a poncey little actor.”

Philip Glenister talking to me about his role in new six-part thriller The Level.

Which begins on ITV at 9pm this Friday (Sept 30).

Phil plays haulage boss Frank Le Saux in a tale with more than a few twists on the road ahead.

PREY2_EPISODE_1_12 500

“HE’S working his way through Life On Mars and Ashes To Ashes casts.

“He’ll be casting Keeley Hawes in Prey 3, probably. I would’t be surprised.”

Philip Glenister talking to me about his role as prison officer David Murdoch in the second series of Prey, created and again written by Chris Lunt.

Joking about the fact he follows on from former Life On Mars – and Mad Dogs – co-star John Simm who appeared in the acclaimed first series.

From Here To There

“WE nearly died in there. Doesn’t it make you think?”

Daniel Cotton (Philip Glenister) asks the question of his father Samuel (Bernard Hill) in From There To Here.

The three part BBC1 drama, written by Peter Bowker, opens with the June 1996 Manchester bomb which destroyed a large part of the city centre.

But this is not a story about the IRA attack. It charts the ripples of that initial trigger on two families across Greater Manchester and Cheshire.

Last night I attended a screening of episode one at BAFTA in London followed by a Q&A, including Phil and Pete.

You can read my full transcript below, edited very slightly to remove any major spoilers.

Philip Glenister as Harry Venn

WE’RE back in Harley Street as episode two of Hidden begins.

But this time it’s out of hours and after dark.

If you were intrigued by the first hour of Philip Glenister’s new BBC1 drama, then the second 60 minutes should have you hooked.

Even though it’s almost a full eight minutes before Harry Venn appears on screen.

Philip Glenister on The Alan Titchmarsh Show earlier this week

“IT was absolutely misconstrued.

“I didn’t come up with the line at all. It was always their line.

“I’ve never claimed that it was my line in the past and I certainly wouldn’t in the future.”

Philip Glenister gave his side of the “Quattrow” story on BBC Radio 4’s Loose Ends programme tonight. (Saturday).

Claiming that an interview reference to a “jokey” discussion about the choice of iconic car Gene Hunt should drive in Ashes To Ashes resulted in a mix up.

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“I’M just a High Street solicitor.”

Philip Glenister makes a welcome return to BBC1 in new four-part drama Hidden.

Which begins at 9pm on Thursday October 6.

He plays flawed criminal lawyer Harry Venn, who works in a down-at-heel office in London’s Kentish Town.

When not bare-chested in bed, drinking white wine and smoking a cigarette.

Having conducted a between the sheets appointment with ex-wife Lauren, played by Lisa Kay.