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The Level

“IT’S not really a world I know much about.

“I’m a poncey little actor.”

Philip Glenister talking to me about his role in new six-part thriller The Level.

Which begins on ITV at 9pm this Friday (Sept 30).

Phil plays haulage boss Frank Le Saux in a tale with more than a few twists on the road ahead.


With Karla Crome as police detective Nancy Devlin and Laura Haddock as Frank’s daughter Hayley.

In a strong cast also featuring Lindsey Coulson as DCI Michelle Newman, Robert James-Collier and Noel Clarke as police detectives Kevin O’Dowd and Sean ‘Gunner’ Martin plus Amanda Burton as Frank’s wife Cherie.

You can read my interviews for ITV with Karla, Laura, Philip, Lindsey, Robert, Noel and Amanda at the link below.

Along with my chat with executive producers Polly Leys and Kate Norrish of BAFTA award winning Hillbilly Films & Television:

The Level Wylie ITV Interviews


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Karla Crome (Nancy) and Laura Haddock (Hayley).
Karla Crome (Nancy) and Laura Haddock (Hayley).



Philip Glenister (Frank).
Philip Glenister (Frank) and Karla Crome (Nancy)
Lindsey Coulson (DCI Michelle Newman).
Lindsey Coulson (DCI Michelle Newman).
Noel Clarke ('Gunner').
Noel Clarke (‘Gunner’).
Robert James-Collier (Kevin O'Dowd).
Robert James-Collier (Kevin O’Dowd).