Peter Firth as Harry Pearce

FILMING of the 2010 series of Spooks has been going on for some time now.

But fans have been waiting for an official production release.

Well, here it is.

Although it raises more questions than it answers.

With what looks like quite a twist in the tale ahead.

Miranda Raison as Jo in Spooks

FORMER Spooks star Miranda Raison looked stunning at the launch of her new TV series in London today.

Married Single Other is a six-part romantic comedy drama due on ITV1 soon.

Telling the story of three couples and also starring Ralf Little, Lucy Davis, Shaun Dooley, Amanda Abbington and Dean Lennox Kelly.

Miranda plays single model Abbey, with a very different look to MI5’s Jo Portman (pictured above).

For one thing she has long hair. And for another, she wears dresses.

Harry (Peter Firth) and friends
RUTH Evershed likes to get to the heart of the matter.

“At present, we have more questions than answers,” she points out.

Will Ros survive to make it into another series of Spooks?

Who will she shoot this week?

And just what is her perfume made of?

Parched: Ruth, played by Nicola Walker

TIME to get serious as we approach the end.

I’m sure you are as shocked as I am to discover that next in line is episode seven.

Of eight.

You wait a year – or even longer – to see the new series of Spooks.

And then in a flash…it’s almost over.

Ros (Hermione Norris) having an exceedingly bad day at work

JUST the briefest of glimpses.

But I’m so glad the humble cake stand is making a comeback, both on screen and off.

Not that Ros finds time to nibble a Fondant Fancy when she meets up with her former MI6 mentor Jack Coleville.