Spooks: Drama Ahead On The Grid

Peter Firth as Harry Pearce

FILMING of the 2010 series of Spooks has been going on for some time now.

But fans have been waiting for an official production release.

Well, here it is.

Although it raises more questions than it answers.

With what looks like quite a twist in the tale ahead.

I’ve got my own theories. How about you?

Anyway, here is the release:

Prepare for dramatic revelations as filming gets underway on the ninth series of critically-acclaimed Spooks, produced by Kudos Film and Television (Ashes to Ashes, Hustle) for BBC One.

The new series of this thrilling drama will introduce a host of new characters who shake things up and give cause for concern as Section D are left wondering who can really be trusted. Friendships will be tested and the depth of deceit will lead to an unprecedented game of cat and mouse for the Spooks.

Sophia Myles (Underworld, Doctor Who), Max Brown (Mistresses, The Tudors), Iain Glen (The Blue Room, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider), Simon Russell Beale (Much Ado About Nothing, Uncle Vanya) and Laila Rouass (Primeval, Footballers’ Wives) join Spooks as series regulars but the characters they play and the impact they have on the team dynamic is being kept tightly under wraps.

Sarah Brandist, BBC Executive Producer, said: “We are very proud to introduce an extraordinary number of exciting new characters to this new series. The new additions will really ruffle some feathers but, as intrigue and betrayal is at the heart of the new storylines, we don’t want to give too much away at this stage. All will be revealed when the series transmits on BBC One later this year!”

Andrew Woodhead, Executive Producer Kudos Film and Television, added: “The ninth series of Spooks is stronger than ever with twists and turns that promise to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. As well as thrilling storylines we have wonderful new cast members who, with our brilliant established cast, will raise the bar once again.”

Spooks is a Kudos Film and Television production for BBC One filming in London until mid July. It was commissioned by Jay Hunt, Controller, BBC One and Ben Stephenson, Controller, BBC Drama Commissioning. Spooks is produced by Lachlan MacKinnon and executive produced by Jane Featherstone , Simon Crawford Collins and Andrew Woodhead for Kudos Film and Television and Sarah Brandist for the BBC.

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48 responses to “Spooks: Drama Ahead On The Grid

  1. Lynn

    Thanks for the blog update, Ian. Nice to know that the speculation about Max Brown and Sophia Myles was spot on. Can’t keep much hidden from the dedicated Spooks fans, 😉

    Interesting other cast additions, especially Simon Russell Beale and Iain Glen. I hope they both get to share some scenes with the brilliant Peter Firth.

    I’m really looking forward to this series and your blog updates. 🙂

  2. Jodie

    WOW this is going to be an interesting series!
    Really hope Harry and Ruth are not pushed off to the side again. (pitch fork is ready if so 😉 )
    I also hope we won’t be sick due to camera shaking 😉
    I think this series will feel a bit like series 1 with so many new people.
    My head is starting to spin with Theories already and this just sent it into overdrive.
    Thanks Ian!!

    • Small potato

      Harry and Ruth… so tedious. I just hope they don’t go there…

      • Elaine

        I agree. After seeing how happy Ruth was with George, I am handing in my H+R4Ever badge and hope that Ruth finds somebody who is not as repressed as Harry, somebody who can make her happy. I am sick of all this angst.

  3. Leslie

    Thank you for the update Ian! We’ve been waiting and waiting. Please keep us informed!

  4. Rachel

    Cheers Ian. 🙂

    I hope we get to see a bit more of Ruth this series and a bit less of Lucas. Richard Armitage had far too many wooden moments in series 8.

    And I hope Kudos have employed some qualified camera people who can actually hold a camera still!!

    • Frieda

      I watch the Spooks only because Richard Armitage is there. He is a very handsome and talented actor but he plays what the scriptwriters write for him.
      As for Ruth, I guess she is not Sarah Bernard and not Venera Miloss either. So I would like to see more of Lucas.
      I have no remarks to camera people. I think they know better how to hold a camera, because they make a film and don’t take a photo of the family in the backyard.

  5. OML

    Hi Ian!

    Thanks for the update. I also hope they have a steady camera, and some more Ruth and Harry moments. Oh, and if they could make Lucas more S7 than S8? He had great moments in S8 but the Sarah thing didn’t do him much good.

    Twists, betrayal, friendships at stake…sounds like they’ll have me at the edge of my chair all over again 😀

    • Kate

      I agree with this. Lucas was much more compelling in Series 7. And perhaps some stuff about him in Russia other than being tortured.

      I really hope Sophya miles is going to do more than stand there and look pretty. We need a female character we can look at to for inspiration because she’s awesome at her job, not because she’s got great skin.

      Please please please don’t thrust a barbie doll on us.

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  7. First of all, thanks, Ian. I always look forward to your posts about Spooks.
    Rachel -Richard Armitage, “wooden”? Oh I beg to disagree. The poor man got stuck trying to simulate a great passion for the woefully miscast Sarah Caulfield, as played in an oddly inexpressive and insipid way by Genevieve O’Reilly (her mishmash of an accent alone was enough to make me gag). There was WAAAAY too much Sarah in S8 and I was thrilled when she took that bullet (notice how she didn’t look much different dead than alive?) I am greatly looking forward to the next series and an interesting new mix of actors along with the regulars. But I am going to miss Hermione as Ros very much. *sigh*

    • Nina

      I concur! That painfully derived American accent was too much to bear. I don’t know if I was watching a serious CIA agent or Scarlet O’Hara in the wrong era. I can’t wait for season 9! I’m also sad that Hermione left, I loved her as Ros. I wish they could have developed the story around the sexual tension between her and the new Home Secretary but alas, they perished. 😦

      • I was hoping the same thing for Ros and the Home Sec . . . if anyone could manage to drag a grown man out of a building to escape an explosion, it would be our Super Spy Ros. Alas, it doesn’t appear that will happen.

        As for Sarah Caulfield *rolls eyes* that accent was the most peculiar mix of Boston, the Bronx and the South (where I am from) – an absolute travesty. You can’t possibly tell me they couldn’t have found another English actress with a much more credible, believable American accent. Or cast an American, for that matter.
        And while I am looking forward to checking out the new cast members, I also hope existing regulars don’t get shoved aside . . . time will tell.

  8. Dee

    Thank you for update. I don’t normally read “spoilers” but with Spooks not much gets out so was less worried. The names of new cast “regulars” is interesting as all talented and “known” actors, has Spooks productions had a budget increase? I hope scriptwriters give them something to get their collective teeth into without pushing existing cast to sidelines.
    I look forward to viewing series in Autumn.

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  10. pattygee

    Hi Ian,

    Thanks for all the info regarding Spooks 9.

    I also found my way to Spooks via Richard Armitage’s work, and like others have said I felt that with the exception of episode 4 of series 8, he was poorly served by the writing involved.

    The ‘romance’ with Sarah Caulfield was appallingly written in my opinion. It didnt make the most of either actors talents.

    The choice of the actress to play Sarah was bizarre in the extreme. She couldn’t do an American accent to save her life, lol! Why not cast an American? Even as a Brit I could tell her US accent was appalling.

    She didn’t convey love or passion or obsession with Lucas – all of which her character claimed to feel.

    However, I feel that the writers were the MOST at fault, as the whole romance storyline did not come across as plausible.

    They are able to write ‘romance’ so subtle that it’s nearly off the radar (Harry and Ruth) but the Lucas/Sarah combo just didn’t make sense.

    Added to which, the plot holes about Nightingale were cavernous.
    What were the motivations of this mysterious group? World domination? Making money? The End of the World?

    Who knows, as the loose ends weren’t tied up?!!

    I loved the Ros/Home Sec combo and wanted to see more of that relationship. It would appear that HN and TM won’t be in the next series from recent reports though.

    Let’s hope that they are one of the hidden surprises that the Spooks team are promising their fans.

    • James

      I believe Nightingale’s objective was to re establish the world order as it stood before a terrorist organisation could overtake a nuclear state and thus inevitably bringing about the end of the world. As Caulfield put it, “preventative surgery”. Although I have to say the plot itself was extreme in the least, even for Spooks. Looking forward to series 9!!!!

  11. Small potato

    I wish they would go back to making 10 episodes rather than just 8, it’s over too soon…I would rather have that than a large regular cast.

    Gotta agree that the actress that played Sarah Caufield was miscast, a more suitable actress could have made those moments with Lucas much more believable.

    Lucas is lovely, but I get the feeling that there are many layers of him to be peeled back before we really see what those 8 years in a Russian prison did to him. Have to admit that Richard Armitage is hotter than a thousand suns, though…!

  12. Oh, yes, Richard is indeed hotter than a thousand suns, but still so much more than just a gorgeous face and body.

    When given the chance, he can pull off a very layered, multi-faceted performance (look at what he accomplished with Guy in RH in spite of some rubbish writing) but it does help when the writing is good AND the actors cast with him are right for the role. Which GoR most definitely was not.

    I, too, would like to see more of those layers peeled back and learn more about Lucas’s past, including time in Russia other than the torture.
    And also agree we’ll need another strong female character on the Grid rather than mere set decoration. Fingers crossed for both . . . and yes, please – 10 eps instead of only 8! I felt they crammed too much into this last series in particular.

  13. Lynn

    I’ve nothing against Richard Armitage but Spooks is not just about Lucas North. I do hope the producers/writers/directors are going to make full use of what looks to be an impressive cast this year rather than let one character dominate, as has happened in the past. Spooks is at its best as an ensemble piece and that was lacking in the last series, partly because of the chronic shortage of characters.

    Hopefully, the producers have learnt from last years mistakes/problems and Series 9 will be on top form.

    • True, Spooks is an ensemble piece and I think everyone shines better when there is better writing and better casting. I am sure Richard would agree with that. He’s said before he has never wanted to do one-man shows because he enjoys having other actors to react and respond to. Sadly, GoR didn’t perform in that capacity for RA or any of the other cast members. The whole series would have been better without allowing a badly written and acted character play such a dominant role. Certainly, I hope for a more balanced series in 9, with good acting all around and cohesive scripts. I’ve always liked Spooks (although the eps aired here in the US were mangled with edits to fit in the commercials); in fact, I own most of the DVD sets. And some series have been better than others. Hoping S9 it will be back in top form.

  14. pattygee

    I agree Lynn, Spooks is (or should be) an ensemble piece rather than just about Lucas.

    I loved Ros Myers in series 8 for instance, and HN is superb in that part – hanging the banker, lol! It’s such a shame that she probably won’t be in series 9.

    IMPO, the writing, as I said before, let ALL of the cast down. I know when they film it, that it’s done out of sequence, but that’s what it felt like for the viewer at times, too. Baffling!

    Harry (Peter Firth) had a cracking opening episode and then didn’t seem to have much to do, drama wise, except pine after Ruth.

    Where was the HP of the previous series? I don’t think it was PF’s fault, there was just no ‘meat’ to his part in this last series. One only has to see series 7 to see a whole different Harry (or ‘Hairy’ as Sarah C called him!) What went wrong at the scripting stage?

    I liked Tariq but was sad to see that old stalwart, Malcolm go into retirement. Another key figure gone!

    For me, personally, the only episodes with any of the previous edge of Spooks were; episode 4 with Lucas’s torturer appearing on the scene. Gosh what a scary actor he was! Also some ‘real’ acting from Genevieve O’Reilly, for a change, in the scene in Lucas’s flat.

    Also, the episode about British-Asian fundamentalism was excellent. The young man playing the ‘mole’ inside the terrorist cell was amazing and so poignant (sorry, I can’t remember his name – Ashley?).

    But two out of eight episodes do not a good series of Spooks make.

    Here’s hoping for a better series 9 – with much better scripts!

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  16. Rosemary

    Thank you so much for this! I am a little apprehensive about the younger incoming cast members, and I do hope that they have not been cast for their looks rather than their acting ability. I think that particular error has been made at least twice before. The arrival of Simon Russell Beale and Iain Glen, however, is wonderful news!

    May I echo the plea already made – PLEASE keep the camera still in series 9!

    And if Hermione Norris has indeed left the show, the best of British luck to anyone trying to step into her shoes – they’ll need it.

  17. Kate

    The new cast members look good. I have just rewatched series eight and I have to say that all though there were some weak spots overall it was excellent.

    I wish die hard fans would stop wishing for old cast members to return the show has moved on.
    I thought Harry was really weak in the last series and the Harry and Ruth thing is just so boring. I know that people like it but it is as unrealistic to me as Srah and Lucas were to others.

    Spooks should stick to spying

  18. Sally Maynard

    Thanks for this Ian. Woohoo! I’m thrilled we will get another Spooks series after all the speculation about axing it. The new cast looks interesting and it’s all change – again but I’m unconvinced about the recent constant cast changes.

    I’m hoping Spooks will go back to it’s good days too. I have them on DVD too and Series 8 was probably the least good of all of them.

    Hermione Norris saved the series for me – Ros was at her most awesome and Hermione was brilliant.

    I hope the new cast doesn’t mean that Peter Firth and Nicola Walker get neglected. They were underused in S8 and their storyline was stale.

    I’m in the camp that isn’t sure about Richard Armitage. He’s ok eye candy but I agree with whoever said he was wooden. It wasn’t Genevieve O’Reilly’s fault, as some people have suggested. I’m just not sure he is that good an actor and he seemed exposed when he had to act alongside Hermione, Peter and Nicola who are very talented.

    Hey, that was last year – roll on Series 9 and Ros, we will miss you.

  19. Junec

    Thanks for keeping us up to date with things Ian, we can always rely on you for accurate news among the rumours.

    I have watched Spooks from Day 1 and always enjoyed it but I am in agreement that series 8 was not the best. I find the continuing ‘look but don’t touch’ thing with Harry and Ruth has become very stale and I’d like to see at least a bit of emotion there – even a blazing row would inject something into the relationship.

    Hermione Norris will be very difficult to replace and I don’t envy anyone who has to try and fill that slot.

    Looking at the list of new cast members, they seem at least to have signed up people who have a track record of decent acting (although I haven’t seen much of Layla Rouas except Primeval). I’m wondering if Iain Glen could be the new Home Secretary rather than on the grid?

    Richard Armitage is an extremely good actor, he is one of those actors who can stand still and convey emotion with just his facial expression. Obviously some people have only seen him as Lucas but if you look at his back catalogue it is sometimes difficult to realise that the same man played John Thornton in North & South, John Standing in Sparkhouse and Guy in Robin Hood and now Lucas in Spooks – all very different characters.

    In this last series I though there was much more spark between Lucas and Ros than with the woman he was supposed to be in love with. I got the distinct feeling that he was getting nothing back from Go’R in the acting sense, and if anyone could have been described as wooden it was definitely her.

    I also would like them to make a 10 episode series, it would give them more room to develop stories properly but perhaps they have put their budget into better actors than into more episodes.

    • Thank you for expressing what I felt I had to say – that anyone who is basing their view Richard Armitage is a “wooden” actor solely on Spooks should look at his catalogue of work.

      The man immerses himself in his roles, and it is indeed difficult to believe the same actor played the cripplingly shy gentle giant farmhand in Sparkhouse, the proud Victorian mill owner in North & South, the smouldering, ambitious medieval henchman in Robin Hood (and what a transformation he made in the final series of RH) and now the spy with the literally tortured past in Spooks, along with a number of well-acted smaller roles.

      And if you are missing the current radio play Clarissa on the Beeb, you are missing one heck of an acting job by RA as the notorious libertine Robert Lovelace (turns out he can also sing).

      He is a very subtle yet expressive actor, needing no dialogue to express his inner emotions through his eyes, his body language, although it would be a shame to waste that honeyed baritone of his.

      I’m sorry, but Genievieve O Reilly, who may be a fine actress in another role, was, for me and a good many others, the worst thing about this series, along with some errors by the writers.
      I confess I haven’t seen her in anything else – but there was no, absolutely NO excuse for that incredibly bad accent.

      Anyway, fingers crossed the story arc will be a better one and the new Spooks will fit in well with the old and we’ll all be happy campers and have a glorious series 9.
      I will get off my soap box now. ( ;

      • Nina

        Well said Angie and Junec! Richard is a talented actor and I did enjoy his body of work from his shy John Standring in Sparkhouse to his most famous role as John Thornton in North & South. I’ve just started to watch Robin Hood and I can’t wait to see the transformation you’re speaking of! 🙂

        And yeah, I’m impressed that he can sing too! I’m loving this Clarissa radio adaptation.

        I’m hoping that there will be good writing in this 9th season of Spooks and that Richard’s acting ability will be given justice.

  20. Many thanks, Nina for providing some additional support for Richard’s talent (and stick with all the ups and downs of Robin Hood, the writing is horribly inconsistent but Richard just keeps getting better . . .)
    And thank you BBC for allowing us across the pond access to the iplayer in order to hear Clarissa. What a treat!
    I have heard good things about Beale and Glen from my Brit friends and I have seen Max Brown in The Tudors where he indeed appeared to be a decent actor. The others are unknown quantities to me but hoping they are good additions to the mix. Maybe Harry can quit hanging around Thames House worrying about his rapidly dwindling set of spies and get into the action again!

    • Nina

      Yeah, I’d love to see Harry get his hands dirty again!
      In my research of Richard’s acting credits I learned that he and Sophia Myles already worked together in a play called The Four Alice Bakers in 1999. I’m sure it’ll be fun for them to be working together again after such a long time!

      • Oh wow, that’s cool to know about Richard and Sophia’s previous acting experience together.
        And yes, Harry needs to take out another rotten FSB guy or do some intense negotiating or something besides playing the curmudgeonly papa bear of Section D. ( ;

  21. Sarah Maynard

    It’s obvious that everyone has a different point of view and Richard Armitage has some keen fans who defend him well.

    However there are many fans of Spooks who are not fans of Richard and we don’t see it.

    Maybe Spooks isn’t the show for him – his time must be limited anyway. In the show that takes delight in killing it’s principals, Lucas must be next to go.

    • And that’s fine, Sarah, you can root for whomever you want to in the cast, you can believe GoR gave a great performance if you like – but as an intelligent, insightful and artistic individual who has seen/heard RA in pretty much everything he has ever done, I simply feel I must defend him against charges he is “wooden.” Because he is also one of the nicest gentlemen in celebrity land and I suppose I feel a bit protective of the dear fellow. And while I fully realize the show frequently kills off major cast members, I sincerely hope Lucas will make it through another series or two. OK, that’s it on this one. Thank you again, Ian, for your reports, they are much appreciated by Spooks fans of all types.

  22. Arianna

    Sarah Maynard I think we have understood you don’t like Richard Armitage,it is ok,no problem.
    I myself didn’t know him before Spooks and now I’m a fan of Armitage because I really like him as Lucas North (and not just because he is a really handsome man).

    I enjoy the character of Lucas North as much as I enjoyed Tom Quinn and Adam Carter,so for me Spooks *is* definitely the show for Armitage and hope he will make it through at least this new series.

    So,roll on series 9,can’t wait to see what happens and I have to say that I find the new cast additions really interesting 🙂

    Many thanks for the blog update, Ian!

    • Well said, Arianna. If Richard was just another pretty face and physique, I’d have been bored with him long ago.
      Yes, I unabashedly admit I find him very attractive.
      But part of that attraction for me is his talent, intelligence, sense of humour and true dedication to his craft.
      I appreciate the talents and the contributions of ALL three of the Spooks leading men through the years – Matthew, Rupert and Richard. (Come to think of it, I remember reading where some folks MMF and RPJ were a bit “wooden,” too. Again, I think of it as subtle and understated.)

      Eagerly looking forward to Spooks 9!

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  24. Dear Ian,

    Thank you for once again for bringing us news about Spooks. As always, you are great!

    As for the show, oh my, five(!) new regular characters! Talk about hearing the voice of fans that there have been simply too few recurring characters left on the grid to fight terrorism. Can’t wait to see how they fit in. I wonder, though, who from the “brilliant established cast” other than Ruth, Harry and Lucas will be there (Tariq, too). Please, have Ros! And bring back Malcolm!
    I also hope that the new set of characters inspires the writers to bring some life into Harry and Ruth, because they need to move on from where they are–those brilliant actors need to be given something to work with!

  25. Vicki

    I agree wholeheartedly with the comments about the miscasting of Genievieve O Reilly as Sarah Caulfield. For me she all but sucked the life out of every scene she was in, showing a distinct lack of reciprocated warmth and emotion in her supposed ‘love’ affair with Lucas. TPTB made a big mistake on that one IMO. And as for her ‘American’ accent – don’t get me started!

    IMHO you cannot blame Richard Armitage – who was fantastic, especially in ep4 and 7 (which was blessedly SC-free) – if his co-star in so many scenes is not in the right role. In his scenes with Ros, Tariq and Darashavin I thought he was phenomenal. It was just the cold passionless delivery of lines from GoR that dampened the all too frequent scenes with her.

    Yes, I think he is a very attractive man and most definitely hotter than a thousand suns, but like Angie, I have seen almost every production he has done and there is so much more to his diverse and fantastic work than just ‘eye candy’ IMHO.

    I also agree with the comment from Kate about Harry being weak in s8 and his and Ruth’s relationship didn’t do much for me either. It’s sweet if you like that kind of thing, but I’m not really a ‘brief encounter’ (as the Indian man in ep1 called it) fan.

  26. DayOffWorkHurrah

    I have to agree about Harry in season 8. What a waste – and it started so well.

    I was so pleased to see Ruth come back – I’ve enjoyed all the H&R stuff down the years, mostly because the actors created it and it felt organic- but the endless circling just isn’t believable.

    It was a terrific choice to make George everything Harry is not (tall dark handsome, a good father, and a healer) and I hoped it would force some questions and maybe change .

    It’s what I liked about the Adam/Ros relationship – it worked within the body of the drama (he shagging the wife of the Iranian ambassador, God bless you Spooks) and character wise, made them question who they were, and what they wanted.

    None of that happened with H&R in series 8. They mooned at each other, then poor Harry was stuck in his office manfully swigging apple juice while everyone else ran around getting shot at.

    Series 7 Harry – was an acting tour de force – I particularly treasure Firth stumbling to his feet when the Home Sec came in during the interrogation – and my favourite ever Harry line…

    (“it’s not all bullshit to him you know, he actually thinks being British is a privilege. Bless.”)

    So I want to not just see more Harry, but better Harry, (and better Ruth).

    Oh, and I’ve liked RA since North and South, but he was rather hampered by having to act opposite a loaf of bread for most of the time. So I hope he’s better served too.

    I’ll watch it whatever happens of course…..

  27. I do agree that Harry was under used and stuck in his office. Also, Peter Firth was injured during filming pulling a muscle or something to that effect. To which Kudos decided that it was best he was confined to ‘Harry’s Office’.

    Back on topic of this article. It will be very interesting to see how the new cast are used. The theories have continued to spin in my head.

    We’ve seen traitors before on the show in various degrees: Tom, Tessa, Ruth, Sam, Zoe, Ros, and Connie.
    So with twists and turns and the like if they do it right they can keep it fresh.
    I don’t think Lucas is ready to take Ros place. Let’s face it she was toast in that building.

    My thing is that if Kudos are trying to raise the bar yet again I don’t think it should come with another Sarah, and shaking camera work. I hate to say it but that is just being lazy and not artistic.

    Like I said this will feel like s1 and for that matter s4 with all the new kids 🙂

    I still trust Kudos to not fully disappoint us fans. I think they learned from last year what not to do for this year.

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  29. Small potato

    Mmn. Quite a few comments I see. I just wanted to add my bit about Richard Armitage and his acting. He is a truly talented actor in my opinion, I have seen him in several productions, having first discovered him in Spooks. North and South is still a highpoint but he has excelled in many other series, let’s face it he is the only reason to watch the BBC’s Robin Hood, Sparkhouse is another favourite of mine as is his performance in The Vicar of Dibley (he has a talent for comedy too!) and of course we have just had Richard as John Porter in the wonderful Chris Ryan’s Strike Back. As for his vocal work, Clarissa is wonderful but his reading of The Lords of the North by Bernard Cornwell is simply superb. Anyway that’s enough of that. I’ve watched Spooks since the beginning loyally, though it nearly lost me around Series 5. Series 7 was particularly good and I am so looking forward to Series 9.

  30. Katie

    I’m still hanging on to the hope that Ros survives. Spooks without Ros/Hermione Norris, I can’t imagine it!

  31. Angie Long

    For anyone who doesn’t mind spoilers, the BBC Press Office does have a fairly detailed synopsis of the first ep of S9 up. It will answer some of your concerns, Katie.( I keep telling myself I am not going to read spoilers for the shows I follow, but then after what happened to my favourite actor RA in RH3, I decided forewarned is forearmed.)

    Roll on, Spooks 9! And thanks, Ian, for all you do.

  32. David Thomson

    I’ve missed the first 3 eps and am having trouble knowing who’s who. Can some kind spook direct me to detailed synopses of them?
    Thanks in advance..

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