Spooks: The Things We’ve Seen Together

Lucas (Richard Armitage) and Harry (Peter Firth)

IT begins with a funeral. Most Spooks fans will know who for. And ends with…

Spooks series nine, episode one. BBC1, 9pm next Monday.

There is much to report about the return of Sir Harry Pearce in a terrific opening hour.

And yet most of it will have to remain unsaid to avoid spoiling the episode.

You want answers about Harry (Peter Firth) and Ruth Evershed (Nicola Walker)?

You’ll get them.

Just don’t be late for the first four minutes.

Swiftly followed by an all-time classic Harry scene, which confirms Spooks is back on top form.

Events of last year are still fresh in the mind as we learn the identity of one of the Nightingale conspirators.

Before heading off to join Lucas North (Richard Armitage) about to board a ship in Morocco and meeting Beth Bailey, played by Sophia Myles, together with Dimitri Levendes (Max Brown).

With The Grid in danger of turning into the Marie Celeste, the introduction of two new characters is nicely done.

Sophia Myles as Beth

Make that three.

Simon Russell Beale is incoming Tory Home Secretary William Towers, with a promising line in coalition humour, telling Harry: “Well, I’m sure I’m due at Mumsnet or something.”

He also asks Harry if he would like a peerage.

To which the knighted one replies: “I am sufficiently enobled, thank you very much.”

Story of the week concerns a top Al Qaeda terrorist, that big container vessel and its explosive cargo. But what’s the target and how will the mission end?

Students of all things Thames House know to expect the unexpected and will have plenty to discuss ahead of episode two.

More than that, I best not say.

It seems almost impossible to believe but after a sometimes shaky – in more ways than one – last series, Spooks has upped its game yet again.

Which approaching nine years since the very first episode was broadcast is quite a feat.

Spooks BBC Site

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Harry and Ruth: Answers on a postcard

Max Brown as Dimitri

All at sea: Beth and Lucas

Simon Russell Beale as Home Secretary William Towers



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15 responses to “Spooks: The Things We’ve Seen Together

  1. Jodie

    Ian fantastic!!! My excitement is building!!! Harry and Ruth anwser in first 4min to start off *sigh* I just hope it is goodness! Seems like they are doing another start to s4 with a funeral. Also, looks like we are going to be introduced to the new characters in a good way as well with just putting them straight way into the action.

    Thanks Ian!!

  2. Leslie

    Yes! I’m so excited it’s Spooks-time again! I’ve been waiting since December for your blog updates. I’ll be there for the first 4 minutes – I can’t wait to find out about Ruth and Harry! Thanks for the teasers!

  3. Angie Long

    Yey! Spooks is on its way and I can’t wait!

    It sounds like a real barn-burner of an hour, Ian.


  4. Thank you, Ian! I won’t get properly excited until I see your first blog for each series. More to come in the weeks to come? An interview or two with either or both of our favourite actors (and I don’t mean the newcomers)?

  5. nonsenseandmischief

    Thanks for a brilliant blog (again!), but I have no idea now how I’m supposed to go to work and function in a sane manner with all of that ^ to speculate on. My Harry and Ruth brain is working double time at the moment!

    Can’t wait for Monday night, I’m excited to see what they do with the newcomers. I hope they really flesh them out and let the share the stories, rather than focusing on just one of them.

    Looking forward to hearing more soon!

  6. Lynn

    Hello Ian. 🙂

    Thanks for the blog. It looks like Spooks is back on top form this year. I’m really looking forward to seeing Peter Firth and Nicola Walker on screen together again. And the new cast members are going to be most welcome and an excellent addition.

    Not much more than that to say at the moment apart from I love the caption on the Harry & Ruth pic. Funny man. 😛



  7. Thank you so much for this fantastic blog post! I’m even more excited about the new series now than I thought possible.

    I’m glad you’re not really spoilering anything major, but I’m now super over-excited about Harry and Ruth!

    • khandy

      Thanks for the blog but with the TV mags giving the game away left right and centre you needn’t have bother not telling us anything.

      BTW so series eight was shakey was it? How odd your blog gushed about it every week. I re watched it not long ago and I enjoyed it.

  8. Well, given that we are desperately waiting for Series 8 in Australia, let alone series 9 . . . maybe we don’t need to wait after all. We’ve just had all the revelations . . . for some parts of the world who love Spooks, spoilers are the banes of our lives. Ah well!!

  9. Rosemary

    Thank you for your blog, AND for your care in not spoiling the plot. I for one don’t want to know what’s happening to whom or why until the programme is shown. I am therefore avoiding all TV magazines like the plague! I know I’m always safe to read your comments because I’ll be intrigued by the story rather than have it ruined. Look forward to following your blog throughout the series!

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