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Hostage Ros (Hermione Norris)

“WHO doesn’t want to be a dead billionaire?”

That’s the nightmare game show at the heart of Spooks episode three.

Along with very angry man in black Lucas North (Richard Armitage) having that fight in a swimming pool.

And something that may come as a shock to those viewers unfamiliar with The Way Spooks Works.

The teaser trailer at the end also does just that.

So no sleep until next week, then.

If you’ve read the advance programme info, you’ll know this is the ep featuring the “exclusive and powerful Bendorf group”.

It sounds like a Swiss hotel chain.

But is, in fact, an assembly of the eight richest and most politically powerful men in the world.

Meeting in London at one of those gatherings that doesn’t officially exist.

Thanks to the Home Secretary (Robert Glenister), we already know there’s a plot to challenge the world order as we know it.

Which is why Harry (Peter Firth) has sent Ros (Hermione Norris) undercover as part of the security to see if these Bendorf chaps are involved.

There’s hardly time to dwell on the return of Spooks’ split screen action before the place is stormed by armed terrorists.

Lucas (Richard Armitage)

Sadly, these gun-waving thugs miss a golden opportunity to demand the return of Malcolm to The Grid.

Their hostage taking is for an altogether potentially more deadly purpose.

Allowing Malcolm’s replacement Tariq (Shazad Latif) to announce: “Lucas, we need you on the ground. Code Alert Red.”

Equity rule 78b states that actors must  hand back their day’s pay when they are given lines like that.

The consequences for the world – and America in particular – of this “situation” soon become all too clear.

Allowing Mr Glenister to raise his voice to quite terrifying effect.

He might be voted out at the next election, but this is one politician who is not going to go quietly.

Most of the episode is set in a bunker, hopefully allowing Kudos to balance the series budget.

It also features Ruth’s (Nicola Walker) first official day back at work.

As Harry tells her: “I’m going to need you today, Ruth.”

What follows is trial by world wide web and some magnificent staring by Ros.

Lucas gets soaked and then…

It’s probably best if you just watch for yourself.

*Spooks episode three is on BBC1 at 9pm next Wednesday but gets a first screening on BBC3 at 9pm tomorrow (Friday).

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Harry and Ruth: "No, I'll pick something up in Tesco on the way home."