Spooks: The One With The Lift

Ruth and Harry

“HARRY!” Ruth has urgent news for the head of Section D in Spooks series nine, episode two.

But first, a recap.

Among other things, we learned in episode one that Ruth is still wild about Harry but doesn’t want to marry him.

Lucas was once someone called John.

And never accept a drink from a former star of The Double Deckers.

I’m sure there was also some sort of Spooks’ relevance to the pie Robert Glenister’s ex-Home Secretary was baking, but I’ve yet to figure it out.

If you watched the trail for episode two, you’ll know about The Lift.

The action begins at London’s Maybury Hotel and comes to a sudden halt on the 25th floor.

Beth (Sophia Myles) is undercover as an oil trader, shadowed by Lucas (Richard Armitage).

In an interesting twist, we see events unfold first from his point of view and then hers.

Sophia Myles as Beth

Back at The Grid, Harry (Peter Firth) receives a late night phone call from Ruth (Nicola Walker).

The issue of their relationship was expertly dealt with in scenes which bookended episode one.

But it’s clear the Spooks’ scriptwriters aren’t finished with it just yet.

Story of the week is focused on British oil billionaire Robert Westhouse (James Faulkner), who is more important than ever to the government following “the BP disaster”.

Home Secretary William Towers (Simon Russell Beale) orders Harry to leave the influential Westhouse alone, despite concerns about his dealings in Africa.

And, of course, Sir Harry always does what he’s told…

Episode two also sees the introduction of Laila Rouass as A&E consultant Maya, who hasn’t seen Lucas for 15 years.

Or is it John?

There’s the little matter of Ruth’s fingerprint.

Plus a heart-stopping moment for Harry fans.

Along with that lift.

It may be stuck half way up to the penthouse suite.

But I’m happy to report that Spooks series nine is still very much on the up.

Spooks episode two is on BBC1 at 9pm next Monday.

James Faulkner as Robert Westhouse

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10 responses to “Spooks: The One With The Lift

  1. Lynn

    Hello Ian. 🙂

    Nice blog – just enough teasers without giving anything away. If episode 2 is anything like episode 1, it’s going to be brilliant.

    And speaking of ep 1 – it was superb. I loved the rather low-key start, the Harry and Ruth scenes, the plot (even if it was a bit bonkers in places) and the new characters. Great stuff.

    Oh yes: ‘And never accept a drink from a former star of The Double Deckers.’ Very droll. 😛


  2. Jodie

    ROFL I still can’t get past the Double Deckers line!!!! Too Funny. Way to give us the link to theme. Even I know the words to it sadly.

    WOW looks like another great ep I’m looking forward to the twists and turns. Such a tease with us still but I’d rather have this to come up with some theories. Really looking forward to this ep!!!

    Thanks Ian once again for another fantastic blog!!!

  3. jh

    I’m guessing the shot of the Home Secretary making a pie refers to the saying ‘too many fingers in the pie’ which could be an allusion to the world of ‘Spooks’, but then I’m guessing you’ve thought of that already?

    How lovely it is to watch the teenage Peter Firth in The Doubledeckers!

    And how even more of a pleasure it will be to watch the Lucas/John story unfolding played by the magnificent Mr Armitage.

  4. Leslie

    Oh, my! I’m still recovering from yesterday’s show and now you have me all in knots over next weeks. Glad to hear it’s not the end of Ruth and Harry – I must say Peter Firth and Nicola Walker were in fine form in the series opener. Great stuff so far, let’s hope the cast and crew keep up the good work as the series progresses. Thanks for clip of Double Deckers!

  5. Sue

    I love all the new characters, and it looks as though it’s going to a bumpy ride for all our spies old and new! Loved the new Home Secretary but he looked and acted suspiciously like Kenneth Clarke to me (even the red braces!) As for the old Home Secretary, played by Robert Glenister, I think the making of the pie at the beginning of the scene could be interpreted as most M.P.’s having their preverbial “fingers in every pie”. (Or maybe they’re all half baked!) Shame he had to be lost to the series, I liked the character as well as the actor. Pity the character Malcolm couldn’t have been given a cameo role again too, boy wonders are all very well, but some old dogs still have the odd trick up their sleeves. Please bring our dear old Malcolm back! So Lucas North was once called “John” the plot thickens! Wish that each episode of Spooks shown on BBC1, could then be followed by the next episode on BBC3, like it used to do. One hour is just not enough! (As the actress said to the vicar!)

  6. n&m

    Another master-class in teasing us with just enough information and making us want to know so much more.

    Brilliant blog and am thoroughly looking forward to episode 2. I think the new characters are going to very welcome additions, and I’m especially looking forward to seeing more of Beth – she seems very together!

    Can’t wait to see the new Ruth and Harry moments pan out. Their brilliant start and end scenes, although heartbreaking, were laced with a hint of hope. She may not want the textbook marriage, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want him.

    Looking forward to hearing more soon!

  7. JB

    Perhaps it was a ‘coffin’ pie when the pastry was not meant to be eaten. Parallels to the forthcoming tot of whisky.
    Loved the Double Deckers clip-I remember it well!

  8. Sarah

    Always love your blogs, Ian. You manage to tease us just enough, without giving too much away. That’s the sign of a true fan – sharing the excitement but not wanting to spoil it. Mention of of Ruth’s fingerprint is intriguing and a little worrying 😦

    Ep 1 was fabulous, I thought, with some amazing acting from Peter Firth, Nicola Walker, and Robert Glenister in particular.

    I’m really looking forward to seeing how the new characters fit in – likely to stir the pot a bit I think – how it all pans out with the Lucas/John plot – that was a bit of a shock – and of course, what might be in store for Harry and Ruth – I did love seeing Harry out in the field for a bit, instead of stuck on the grid all the time.

  9. I’m a stranger to this blog, but I felt I really must comment.
    I’ve just watched this episode and it’s caused me to ditch Spooks. The tipping point was when whatisface was hacking the CCTV of the oil baron’s house, and his laptop popped up a box saying ‘loading hack to CCTV mainframe’. There were similar gibberish utterances last week and this sort of lazy workmanship, along with the clumsy exposition (“VX? You mean the nerve gas that was used in Afghanistan to wipe out whole villages?” “The same!” “Oh no, but that’ll be a bad thing because it’ll kill people!” “My God, you’re right! And we work for MI5, the UK’s domestic intelligence service, so it’s our job to stop them!”) have just made it unwatchable for me.

    I don’t get pedantic about tech in glossy fiction – if it moves the plot along and it’s not blatantly impossible to the point where it breaks the spell, it’s alright by me. Overall, the geek stuff in Spooks is outlandish enough to be fun without being totally nonsensical. But can’t they get someone in to consult on the script, rather than just randomly drop in geeky-sounding words (I’m looking at you, Mr ‘I had to trawl the non-indexed deep web to construct a cipher’ Tariq)? Hell, I’d do it for nothing just to save my blushes!

    Sorry about dumping this comment on your blog, but I had to vent. Like your stuff, by the way!



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