Ashes To Ashes: Final Episode Photos

Alex and Gene in a photo from earlier in this final series

HERE are the BBC photos released ahead of the final episode of Ashes To Ashes.

Not including the image above, which is from earlier in the series.

The pics don’t give away any major clues to the “bigger picture” revealed in episode eight – to be broadcast on BBC1 a week on Friday.

But if you’re avoiding spoilers of any kind ahead of eps 7 & 8, please do NOT click to open this blog or scroll down any further if you’re arrived straight on to the full page.

My blog on the last ever episode of Ashes will be published next week.











*Ashes To Ashes episode seven is screened on BBC1 at 9pm this Friday (May 14) with episode eight at the same time the following Friday (May 21).

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10 responses to “Ashes To Ashes: Final Episode Photos

  1. Scarlett F

    Ohhhh ruddy hell! It’s the building with the Weather Vane! And Keats looks like he’s about to explode! Plus are Gene and Alex being chased in the Quattro?! Ai currumba I’m excited!

    Good grief, I can’t believe it’s nearly over. Absolutely dying to know what happens, but not at the same time. . . these dual emotions will kill me, I’m sure!

    Thanks Ian for your blog, can’t wait to read your final (*sobs*) preview blog following episode 7. . . !

    • Paulaski

      The weather Vane – it has St Christopher on it – patron saint of Travellers – are they all in limbo time travelling?
      Or are they all dead and learning lessons?
      What about the picture of fire over Viv’s picture after the curtain finally closed at the begining of episode 7? – is that him gone from Limbo to death??
      Cant wait for episode 8 though what i will do without Salford’s finest i have no idea!!

  2. Zoe

    Thanks for posting those Ian xx

    They don’t give much away but at least it looks like Gene & Alex are still sticking together to the end :-/

  3. John R

    Hmmm….looks like a runway in 2 of the photos plus Shaz dressed as an air hostess…..

    Ian, when do you get to watch the final epsiode? You lucky fella 🙂 Next week is going to be torture

  4. suki

    Hey, Alex has a gun!! That hasn’t happened in a while… I feel some action coming on!
    Thanks for all your blogs over the past weeks, by the way- great job! 🙂

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  6. Oh my god, we cant wait, Alex looks upset with Gene looking on in the distance, did he say something? did they kiss ? we want more Galex!! roll on Friday

  7. Gentoo

    OMG it’s the gunfight at the Ok Corral! Hope they’ve got water-pistols of holy water for Keats! Can’t wait.

  8. qthewetsprocket

    Very odd seeing these pictures and knowing they’re the last we’ll ever see from Fenchurch East. Very bittersweet.

    It feels like I’ve spent the last five years wandering around lost in this world, just like Sam and Alex, picking up the breadcrumbs the writers have dropped for us…and now, I can finally see the house in sight.

    Let’s all have a pint when we get there. It’s been an amazing journey.

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