Ashes To Ashes: The Final Curtain


“HAVE you ever had the feeling that things are falling apart and the world as you know it is about to end?

“And nothing will ever be the same?”

Ashes To Ashes final series episode seven.

A two-part finale, with episode eight carrying the story on from where we leave it at the end of this hour.

Written by Ashes co-creator Ashley Pharoah, the penultimate visit to Fenchurch East is an absolute cracker.

It begins with a funeral for a friend as Gene Hunt (Philip Glenister), Alex Drake (Keeley Hawes) and the rest of CID say their last goodbyes to Viv.

In scenes filmed at Putney Vale Crematorium in London.

And ends with…well, make sure you pay full attention to the last five minutes, along with the teaser trail for next week.

The photos for the last ever episode of Ashes are embargoed for release on Tuesday.

They provide a tantalizing glimpse of what unfolds on screen, without, I think, giving too much away.

But if you’re avoiding all possible spoilers, it might be wise to avert your eyes when they are published.

Ray (Dean Andrews) and Chris (Marshall Lancaster)

Fans of a certain element of Ashes who have watched both the teaser trail for ep 7 and the separate BBC1 promo heralding the final two eps will be awaiting Friday with extra interest.

For scenes crafted with loving care from script to final performance.

Given room to breathe in a TV world far too often ready to cut away for fear of losing some of the audience.

Gene blames himself for Viv’s (Geff Francis) death in last week’s episode.

With Chris Skelton (Marshall Lancaster), in particular, a target for his wrath.

Is this the moment for the DC to finally step up to the mark?

Story of the week concerns members of the African National Congress in London led by the intriguing Joshua Tobias, played by Lucian Msamati.

The pace quickens again ahead of the last 60 minutes with scary moments for Chris, Ray (Dean Andrews) and Shaz (Montserrat Lombard).

Gene finally gives Alex an answer to her question about Sam Tyler (John Simm).

As she’s put under further pressure from an increasingly angry and menacing Jim Keats (Daniel Mays).

“This is the final chapter, Bolly,” Gene tells Alex.

“In case you hadn’t noticed, we’re fighting for our lives.”

Things to look out for in episode seven include:

1. Zulu.
2. APR13
3. Voices.
4. Last exit.
5. A whistle.
6. Developments.
7. Music.
8. Green eyes.
9. Another tin box.

*Ashes To Ashes final series episode seven is on BBC1 at 9pm on Friday.

Music tracks this week include…

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