Ashes To Ashes: The Final Curtain


“HAVE you ever had the feeling that things are falling apart and the world as you know it is about to end?

“And nothing will ever be the same?”

Ashes To Ashes final series episode seven.

A two-part finale, with episode eight carrying the story on from where we leave it at the end of this hour.

Written by Ashes co-creator Ashley Pharoah, the penultimate visit to Fenchurch East is an absolute cracker.

It begins with a funeral for a friend as Gene Hunt (Philip Glenister), Alex Drake (Keeley Hawes) and the rest of CID say their last goodbyes to Viv.

In scenes filmed at Putney Vale Crematorium in London.

And ends with…well, make sure you pay full attention to the last five minutes, along with the teaser trail for next week.

The photos for the last ever episode of Ashes are embargoed for release on Tuesday.

They provide a tantalizing glimpse of what unfolds on screen, without, I think, giving too much away.

But if you’re avoiding all possible spoilers, it might be wise to avert your eyes when they are published.

Ray (Dean Andrews) and Chris (Marshall Lancaster)

Fans of a certain element of Ashes who have watched both the teaser trail for ep 7 and the separate BBC1 promo heralding the final two eps will be awaiting Friday with extra interest.

For scenes crafted with loving care from script to final performance.

Given room to breathe in a TV world far too often ready to cut away for fear of losing some of the audience.

Gene blames himself for Viv’s (Geff Francis) death in last week’s episode.

With Chris Skelton (Marshall Lancaster), in particular, a target for his wrath.

Is this the moment for the DC to finally step up to the mark?

Story of the week concerns members of the African National Congress in London led by the intriguing Joshua Tobias, played by Lucian Msamati.

The pace quickens again ahead of the last 60 minutes with scary moments for Chris, Ray (Dean Andrews) and Shaz (Montserrat Lombard).

Gene finally gives Alex an answer to her question about Sam Tyler (John Simm).

As she’s put under further pressure from an increasingly angry and menacing Jim Keats (Daniel Mays).

“This is the final chapter, Bolly,” Gene tells Alex.

“In case you hadn’t noticed, we’re fighting for our lives.”

Things to look out for in episode seven include:

1. Zulu.
2. APR13
3. Voices.
4. Last exit.
5. A whistle.
6. Developments.
7. Music.
8. Green eyes.
9. Another tin box.

*Ashes To Ashes final series episode seven is on BBC1 at 9pm on Friday.

Music tracks this week include…

Mars Meets Ashes: Keeley Hawes

Ashes To Ashes: Daniel Mays

Farewell Gene

Ashes To Ashes: Philip Glenister Extras

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17 responses to “Ashes To Ashes: The Final Curtain

  1. This entry in your blog (and the stills you have chosen) is a reminder of how well this series has been filmed. Some of the scenes have been framed and lit so well that they are truly works of art.
    I am not really a television fan because so much of it is produced on a really tight budget with the sole objective of filling time. (Or so it appears to me.)
    Ashes to Ashes has offered the whole package – great acting, writing, directing and beautiful visuals. On top of that (and this is my favourite part) perfect costumes.

  2. findlaysmummy

    Shaking with excitement and fear! Can episode 6 be topped? Sounds so. Desperate to know how everything comes together but also want to prolong the delicious agony of the unknown …

  3. Wow! Another brilliant blog as usual Ian – and sadly only one more pre-ep write up to come from you :o(

    I have huge expectations for this – it’s Ashley Pharoah. Enough said.


  4. Cloclo

    Last nights episode was superb, I was on the edge of my seat throughout, Daniel Mays was positively chilling at the end, and so many questions!
    As ever, your blog provides some tantalising glimpses of the finale without spoiling it – I can’t wait for the question in the trailer to be answered, or for the truth to finally be revealed.
    And John Martyn? Seriously, could this series get any better? What with that and Shipbuilding I’ve just been off to order the soundtrack…

  5. Zoe

    Fantastic blog again Ian 🙂 Thank you x

    I do hope the Galex element will live up to the hype, we’ve had enough teasing.

    I wanted to ask – What was it in episode 6 that didn’t sit right with you on first viewing? I always appreciate your take on things.

    Again many thanks, I think I’ll miss your Ashes blogs as much as I’ll miss the show 😦

  6. Thanks to all for the comments and very kind words. Can’t believe how fast this final series has gone by. And Zoe – it was Thordy.

  7. qthewetsprocket


    Agreed about Thordy…although someone online pointed out that it sounds like “Dorothy” backwards.

    (OMG, parentheticals again!! *is wildly and hopefully excited*)


  8. Zoe

    Thanks for the reply Ian x

    I personally didn’t mind Thordy as a character but I’m still not sure what all the Sam Tyler stuff was all about, but I suppose that’s the point – it was just another piece of the puzzle!

  9. Cassandra

    I thought Thordy was a good device – it was truly shocking when he peered through the cell door and recited Sam’s ‘am I in a coma, back in time?’ mantra! Was hard to love him though because with it came a ‘arrgh its not John!’ moment.

  10. S. Chapman

    Ian, in case I don’t get the chance before the end of Episode 8, to thank you, let me take the opportunity now.

    Your posts on Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes have been consistently brilliant and have given me a much greater understanding of these two shows. LOM and A2A are television at its finest. Thanks for helping, through Life of Wylie, for setting the bar higher, and showing that television excellence does not have to be an oxymoron.

  11. Tony

    Ian – thanks again for another superb blog and I have to say that I wait in anticipation of your summaries as much as I do the show itself! Ep 6 was absolutely mindblowing with the quality of acting and production reaching new highs as far as I am concerned. So sad to know there is so little of this fantastic series left but I know it will go out with a bang. Thank you so much for being a key part of the ashes experience !!

  12. Well, it’s nearly over and I just wanted to thank you for being such a big supporter of the show. Your previews have been ‘appointment to read’ and I shall miss them.

    I really think that with this last series A2A has rightfully come into its own. I am so excited for the end of the series and hope it’s as impressive as it sounds from your tantalising hints here.

  13. Michael

    Hi Ian,
    I love this blog!
    You credited John Simm there, by jove I hope he appears?!

    I know you can’t say, but nod 😛

  14. Nynke

    Owww… this is so frustrating! I haven’t been able to see last Friday’s episode yet, and now I realize how much I like reading your A2A posts every week, Ian. I’m trying not to overinterpret the picture at the top of this entry and I’ve rapidly scrolled all the way down this page in order not to read anything. I’m really looking forward to reading it all in a few days’ time…

  15. Nynke

    Wow, did I love episode 6 when I finally saw it today! And reading this blog has, as ever, heightened my anticipation for tomorrow. Even though that hardly seemed possible. Thanks again!

  16. Wayne Madden

    thanks for the update. Just watched episode 7, and I have to say, I have nothing but admiration for a great show. Will be hard to see it go. Still, I’m convinced that was Sam Tyler knocking on the window during the preview for the next episode, and I’m thinking he’s the one living at the farmhouse!

  17. Claire M


    I just really hope Thordey isn’t actually Gene (a friend thinks Gene is actually Sam – not sure how that would work) ! As long as nothing happens to him I’ll be all right ie not sobbing heap. He’s the reason I started watching after all. I loved LoM because i/we could make up our own minds what happened & I hope the A2A finale is the same.

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