Ashes To Ashes: Moving Closer

Daniel Mays as Jim Keats

“EVERYTHING has a pattern and a pattern to everything.

“Find the connections. Find a way out of this.”

Alex’s notepad is back in Ashes To Ashes final series episode four.

Along with even more clues to the bigger picture as we reach the halfway stage of this epic farewell.

First a declaration. I’ve already seen the episode after this one and my brain is still racing.

There will, no doubt, be photos in tomorrow’s newspapers and magazines and I fear some may, yet again, ruin the surprises in store.

As certain sections of the press did with part of episode four.

Episode five is a stunner. One of the very best yet.

But let’s take one week at a time, shall we?

And having said all that, this week’s visit to Fenchurch East is a pretty damn fine piece of television in itself.

With a particularly witty script by Jack Lothian and a cast doing it full justice.

Chris, Alex and Ray: The Three Trousers

To save your freeze frame button, this is what Alex has written down on her page so far:





Students of Gene Hunt and Jim Keats will find plenty to occupy themselves with this week.

Including one of *those* images of the The Guv looking out from his office.

Plus what seems to be a significant moment for DCI Keats, which may have you unearthing your series two DVD box set.

The story of the week concerns undercover cop Louise Gardiner (Zoe Telford), who is investigating father and son villains Terry (Peter Guiness) and Daniel Stafford (Bryan Dick).

Louise’s arrival in CID sparks the interest of both Chris and Ray, with Shaz keeping a watchful eye as she takes further steps towards that promised promotion.

There’s a message for Alex from a drug addict called Shorty, played by Manchester-born actor Ryan Pope.

Along with some dawn flirting in the kitchen, one person facing the end of their career and two or three moments of the seriously scary kind.

If you’ve got anything else booked for the next five Friday nights, cancel it now.

Things to look out for in episode four include:

1. Water.
2. Scotland’s finest.
3. Syon.
4. Graffiti.
5. 019460013.
6. A scream.
7. A desktop figure.
8. Call of the wild.
9. A heart.
10. A town in Yorkshire.

*Ashes To Ashes final series episode four is on BBC1 at 9pm on Friday.

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