Five Daughters

Juliet Aubrey and Jaime Winstone as Maire and Anneli Alderton

A car turns a corner…

Five Daughters (BBC1, Sunday, 9pm) is an exceptional drama.

The three one hour films are screened over consecutive nights and are worth every minute of the time you will invest watching them.

They tell the true stories of the five young women murdered in Ipswich by Steve Wright in 2006.

All five bodies being discovered over the space of 10 shocking days.

My feature on Five Daughters is here.

Producer Simon Lewis also told me how the families felt “very hurt” by a lot of the things that were written about their daughters at the time.

“They wanted to right some wrongs,” he explained.

The drama makes clear how Gemma, Anneli, Annette, Paula and Tania were trapped by drugs and then forced into prostitution to feed their crippling habit.

But it also focuses on who they really were and the mothers who lost their daughters, first to drugs and then to a killer.

The cast includes Jaime Winstone, Juliet Aubrey, Sarah Lancashire and Eva Birthistle, who Ashes To Ashes fans will remember as Jenette in the final episode of series two.

Plus fast rising star Aisling Loftus, who you may have seen alongside Tim Spall in The Fattest Man In Britain.

Also impressing in a forthcoming two-part BBC2 Dominic Savage drama called Dive.

And appearing with David Morrissey later this year in new Sky One crime drama series Sleepyhead, based on the novels of Mark Billingham.

Wise beyond her years at just 19.

Aisling, who plays Gemma, 25, told me that everyone in Five Daughters wanted to do justice to the memory of the five women who died.

Sadly, I’ve noticed even this week that some sections of the media are still referring to them as simply “five prostitutes” murdered by the “Suffolk strangler”.

Added Aisling: “After doing this drama it’s really bizarre to read an article where there’s only a sentence summing up this girl’s life.

“That’s so not what it was about.”

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Aisling Loftus as Gemma Adams