Ashes To Ashes: Make A Date

Montserrat Lombard as Shaz
“TIME is running out.”

Shaz is very much out of sorts in Ashes To Ashes final series episode two.

Written by Ashley Pharoah, it further lifts the curtain on what appears will form part of the Ashes and Mars conclusion.

Two moments in particular left the hairs on the back of my neck standing up like never before.

Perhaps more revealing than anything we have seen so far – yet posing more of those tantalising questions about where we are headed on this epic journey.

It’s also Montserrat Lombard’s finest hour to date as Shaz, a young woman in heartbreaking turmoil.

If you saw the teaser trail at the end of episode one, you will know how high the stakes are for Sharon.

There’s another one of those wonderfully tender lines from Luigi when he says to her: “Stay lovely Shaz.”

But she replies: “I just don’t feel a part of it anymore.”

Also look out for more of that warm and knowing bond between Alex and Shaz.

And where does Shaz actually live?

The always superb Beth Goddard guest stars as dating agency boss Elaine Downing, who has some simply delicious scenes with Gene Hunt. Alex Drake and Luigi.

Made all the more enjoyable when you know that Beth and Philip Glenister are married in real life.

This is also the episode with the much trailed Uptown Girl fantasy sequence – a perfect fit for Gene and Alex.

With Jim Keats (Danny Mays) continuing to interview members of CID.

And Gene revealing the moment when we are at our most vulnerable.

Edmund Butt’s original music for Ashes continues to play its important role.

If you are able to, try listening to this ep at some stage via headphones to fully appreciate his work.

Keeley Hawes as Alex

Things to look out for in episode two include:

1. A new voiceover.
2. Tools.
3. A photo.
4. More shallow graves.
5. Pens and pencils.
6. A carving.
7. Two bars.
8. Doodles.
9. A shadow.
10. Bitter.
11. The second delivery.
12. Reflections.

This track doesn’t feature in episode two but there’s a reference to the artist – and it’s one of the best songs ever written:

Ashes To Ashes final series episode two is on BBC1 at 9pm on Friday.

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