Ashes To Ashes: I’ll Be Watching You

Daniel Mays as DCI Jim Keats

“AS a massive fan, it’s been great to be such an important part of it all.”

Daniel Mays arrives as DCI Jim Keats in the first episode of the final series of Ashes To Ashes this Friday night.

Will Gene Hunt’s (Philip Glenister) world ever be the same again?

I interviewed Danny on the Ashes set for a feature to be published in the MEN on Friday.

Regular readers of this blog will already have seen my exclusive first look at episode one, published here earlier this month.

Along with the latest interview with Phil and added blog extras.

At the risk of repeating myself, all I can say is that the opening hour is just terrific – with episode two another cracker.

I’ll stick a link here when I post the Danny Mays interview online. My chat with Keeley is now set to be published to tie in with episode three.

Update: The interview with Mr Mays is here.

Gene and Alex in episode one

Things to look out for in episode one include:

1. A bold and brilliant action-filled movie.
2. A circus.
3. A TV news report.
4. Sunglasses.
5. 34,274,552.
6. A handshake.
7. A notebook.
8. Methodists.
9. A closing door.
10. 9.06
11. A book.
12. A father.

*For those not following me on Twitter…I popped in somewhere special yesterday and took these photos, with recommended slideshow here.

Ashes To Ashes final series episode one is screened on BBC1 at 9pm on Friday. I’ll be watching…will you?

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Farewell Gene

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12 responses to “Ashes To Ashes: I’ll Be Watching You

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  2. So so looking forward to Friday. And to your interview with Mr Mays of course. And THAT photo of Gene and Alex is just GORGEOUS.


  3. Liz

    Oh my goodness, that photo of Gene and Alex, reminds me so much of a scene from Sid and Nancy. The one by the dumpsters. Love it.

  4. Nynke

    Thanks, Ian! I always love your lists of things to look out for. And that is a lovely picture – although I really think that’s Alex’s most unflattering period hairdo yet. Glad not all of the ’80s are back in fashion :).

  5. Vivian

    Ok, I’ll try and watch this series with an open mind because I really didn’t think much of the last two. Have to say though from what I’ve read so far, I may not be too impressed if they mess with the ending of LoM, which is what I’ve dreading the minute this sequel was announced.

  6. Claire M


    Saw article about Daniel Mays, turned out he was in ‘Red Riding’ which I think is *great*. He played that part *so * well . I’m gagging to read the novels.

    ‘Final Countdown’, “Wake up/time’s up, Gene” ?? It doesn’t look good, does it ?? I’m looking forward to “seeing him” but I’ve had a nasty feeling something bad will happen to him since I 1st heard there was a spin-off (main reason for not liking idea) I will be devastated.

  7. Vivian

    Hi again Claire! Never mind, at least you’ll find out soon enough now. If you don’t like the ending, you can always stick to your LoM DVDs. I think that may well be what I’m doing too!

  8. Great interview in MEN, Ian! We’re all very excited to see the dynamic that Mr Mays Jim Keats character brings.
    Can’t quite believe it’s the beginning of the end tonight. Is it time yet??

  9. I think I managed to get everything on the checklist bar the numbers. Won’t hurt to watch again!

  10. Hi Ian, your blogs are a big part of the Mars/Ashes “experience” and it’s always an event when the next one appears! I had fun trying to spot all the things on your list. Really appreciate all the interviews, incl Danny Mays too, he’s getting a rapidly growing fanbase! Thank you too for your support over at Railway Arms 🙂


  11. Claire M


    Saw Daniel Mays in ‘Red Riding’ which I thought was great & right up my street. Well it would be, it’s basically LoM without the music. I thought RR was inspired by LoM, probably because the films were on ch4 after I’d seen it.

    Keats was creepy !! Really hope he isn’t right about Gene. Can’t see point of making up such a great character only to make him bad. Laughed so hard at the squirrel reference I was nearly sick.
    I don’t think they [writers] knew Gene was going to be such a good character / that so many people would luv him, but they must be blind if they don’t see it now.

    NOOOO @ undiscovered grave – that’s got to be his.

  12. YES! Finally got the numbers! Oh, so proud of myself.

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