Ashes To Ashes 2: The Trailer

THE special trailer for the new series of Ashes To Ashes made its debut a few hours ago.
Screened just before 10pm after the second edition of The Apprentice.
The cast reunited for a few days last month to go back in front of the cameras.
With the trailer inspired by the Soho storyline of the first episode, as well as the ongoing theme in series two of police corruption.
You can watch it here – with some still images under the links below.
Spandau Ballet’s 1981 hit Chant No 1 (I Don’t Need This Pressure On) provides the soundtrack.
With a first proper glimpse for fans of the slightly softer look for Alex, plus Chris’s highlights.

Episode one is expected to air in the TV week beginning April 18.
There should be confirmation of that later today – though the exact day of TX will almost certainly be kept under wraps until the final schedules are formally exchanged.
2.40pm Thu update: The above is now confirmed here.
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