Ashes To Ashes 2: The Trailer

THE special trailer for the new series of Ashes To Ashes made its debut a few hours ago.
Screened just before 10pm after the second edition of The Apprentice.
The cast reunited for a few days last month to go back in front of the cameras.
With the trailer inspired by the Soho storyline of the first episode, as well as the ongoing theme in series two of police corruption.
You can watch it here – with some still images under the links below.
Spandau Ballet’s 1981 hit Chant No 1 (I Don’t Need This Pressure On) provides the soundtrack.
With a first proper glimpse for fans of the slightly softer look for Alex, plus Chris’s highlights.

Episode one is expected to air in the TV week beginning April 18.
There should be confirmation of that later today – though the exact day of TX will almost certainly be kept under wraps until the final schedules are formally exchanged.
2.40pm Thu update: The above is now confirmed here.
Ashes To Ashes Series Two Trailer
Ashes To Ashes 2: The First Review
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20 responses to “Ashes To Ashes 2: The Trailer

  1. scully

    You ROCK as always, Mister! 🙂
    God love it. I cannot wait for the week of the 18th. *sigh* The other thing is, have you had a chance to see the hack-job they made out of A2A on BBC America? It’s abysmal. They did a much better editing job on LoM. Honestly, it just doesn’t flow well. The scenes are chopped up and flit from here to there without any explanation why. I almost couldn’t bear to watch it. Thank God for regionless DVD players!
    Roll on SERIES 2!!!

  2. Izzy D

    I absolutely loved the trailer! It was hard repressing my urge to woop and jump about. . . although my sister could clearly see I was struggling to keep calm!
    And possibly an actual start date today? Yes!
    Thanks once again Ian!

  3. Susan

    Wow i love the trailer. Everyone looked awesome in it. Can’t wait for the start date.ASAP

  4. Ian Wylie

    Thanks again for the comments all…it was good, wasn’t it? Although I expect the week of TX to be confirmed later today, A2A2 will almost certainly appear in the “Unplaced Programmes” section, keeping the exact day under wraps until the final schedules are formally exchanged.

  5. louella

    Fab trailer, beautifully filmed and hinting at some of the darker theme we’ve been promised for the new series. Can’t wait.

  6. Gaelle

    That trailer was great!
    And finally, some information about the start date.
    Thank you again, Ian.

  7. Janet

    Hi Ian
    Very much enjoyed the trailer. And the new website is looking good too!
    I’m with you on the ‘unplaced’. I do however think that when we knock out days that it cannot be due to ongoing programming, we are left with Monday as the favourite andThursday as the other potential.

  8. Rebecca

    Aha thanks Ian ^_^
    It was good wasnt it ^_^. Thanks for the screenshots too

  9. Thanks Ian for the heads up on the trailer.
    Saw it last night and it’s terrific. Very glossy. Not sure about the rather groan inducing tag line of ‘the ’80s are back…and it’s criminal’ but lovely to see Alex and Chris with their Series 2 make-overs! And very on the money with the use of the Spands track.

  10. Nynke

    Hi Ian, thanks for the update!
    This is one of the instnaces where I get very frustrated at not living in the UK – and therefore not being allowed to watch videos on BBC websites :-S. Wonder how Scully does that in america? So thanks for the pictures!
    And the week of the 18th, eh? Good to know – I’ll plan only probable dates with my friends 🙂

  11. Alex

    Thanks for the stills, Ian! I loved the trailer and the tiny, telling character moments between Alex and Gene, Shaz and Chris. Rarely have I looked forward to something as much as I’m looking forward to this series!!

  12. FT

    Did you see the finale for Life on Mars USA? Dear God, if Ashes to Ashes is ends in an even slightly similar fashion to that crap…

  13. Scottie

    That cliche-ridden A2A trailer was almost as bad as the ending of LoM USA.
    Talk about flogging a dead horse.

  14. Durrr, Scottie, talk about missing the point!

  15. scully

    It’s called YouTube, people, LOL! 🙂 The best friend to those living outside the UK. If you go to the A2A LiveJournal, it is posted there. Cheers!! 🙂

  16. Dame Laura

    Ian, thanks so much for this, and for all your articles, blogs, and information on A2A – much appreciated! Really looking forward to the new series….thanks again!

  17. Trixie

    Well, after watching the trailer, I can’t wait to settle down and……………turn my tv to another channel when this yawn fest re-appears! Boring!

  18. Alex

    Scottie and Trixie – I don’t understand your constant need to pour cold water over other people’s enthusiasm! You keep saying that you hate the show, that you’ll never watch it again… fine! Switch over. Whatever! But be mindful of the fact that your determination to keep discussing it belies your vow to avoid it!! Sheesh!
    BTW, I watched the trailer again last night (having taped it) and I loved it even more! It’s so obviously a pastiche – right on, Tim Pope!!

  19. Charise

    Why the worry about what night the show comes on? If it’s as great as it’s supposed to be, than is should get high ratings whatever night it’s on.

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