Ashes To Ashes 2: Love Plus One

THE calm before the storm for Ashes To Ashes fans.

We’ve seen the first trailer for series two.

And read the press pack.

With the embargo on interview material due to expire any week now.

So to keep us going while we’re waiting, here are a few more things to look forward to in episode one:

1. A starring role for a BBC News presenter.
2. Love Plus One
3. A reference to a Corrie legend.
4. The new side to Gene Hunt’s police HQ.
5. Belting visual gags.
6. A wink.
7. Sirens and lights.
8. A Summers day.

And we’ll have to wait until episode two for Gene’s latest nickname for Alex:

*Ashes To Ashes returns to BBC1 in the week starting Monday April 20. The exact date will be revealed next week.

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12 responses to “Ashes To Ashes 2: Love Plus One

  1. Maria

    Before you ask Ian I dont have life and no place to go on a Saturday night except hang out at the railway arms and await updates..OF ANY KIND.
    Now about that bribe..

  2. Ian Wylie

    Hi Maria,
    I have to say, there’s nothing quite like watching the first episode go out live, at the same time as the rest of the BBC1 audience sees it in a shared experience. It will be worth the wait!

  3. Janet

    Thanks as always for the update Ian.
    Can we start bets on who the Corrie legend is? I’m going with the ladies: Bet Lynch or Hilda Ogden.

  4. Ian Wylie

    Thanks Janet – as ever, you are quick off the mark.

  5. Maria

    HA thats easy for you to say Ian..youve already seen it..!!
    But i know your right….
    Thanks again for the update…

  6. Donna

    The trailer for the new series of ‘Ashes to Ashes’ is very impressive. I’m really looking forward to this finally airing at long last.

  7. Alex

    Thanks Ian. Yet more tantalising glimpses into what’s SO tantalisingly close – almost un-bloody-bearable! And yet I read on anyway…
    Sirens and lights? From 2008, methinks! And ‘Drakey’? I’m loving it!!

  8. Izzy D

    Thanks once again Ian for these delightful, teasing morsels of information! It seems they just about stop me going completely insane with the waiting. . . although it’s within our reach now!
    I agree with Alex- sirens and lights from 2008/9, it must be!
    I cannot wait to see what Bolls thinks of her new nickname too!

  9. OOh, a Corrie legend in A2A… could it be the ghost of Ivy Tilsley?

  10. “Drakey”? Awww I’ll miss “Bolly Knickers!” lol

  11. Rebecca

    Thanks Ian, gave me a nice surprise this morning
    And loving drakey as well hehe

  12. Alex

    What I love best about the trailer is that fleeting moment between Alex and Gene, when she touches his jacket. It’s very telling – proprietorial and (dare I say) intimate. Intriguing!
    However, one thing puzzles me. In the press pack, Philip Glenister is quoted as saying that he doesn’t play Gene with ‘a preconceived notion of whether Gene fancies Alex or not’. But that makes absolutely NO sense, given series 1’s episode 7! And 4. And 6! In fact, in EVERY episode there was a ‘Gene clearly fancies Alex’ moment! Not to mention several ‘Gene is probably IN LOVE WITH Alex’ moments spread throughout the series! As far as I’m concerned, the enigma is Alex, not Gene!

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