Ashes To Ashes 2: Love Plus One

THE calm before the storm for Ashes To Ashes fans.

We’ve seen the first trailer for series two.

And read the press pack.

With the embargo on interview material due to expire any week now.

So to keep us going while we’re waiting, here are a few more things to look forward to in episode one:

1. A starring role for a BBC News presenter.
2. Love Plus One
3. A reference to a Corrie legend.
4. The new side to Gene Hunt’s police HQ.
5. Belting visual gags.
6. A wink.
7. Sirens and lights.
8. A Summers day.

And we’ll have to wait until episode two for Gene’s latest nickname for Alex:

*Ashes To Ashes returns to BBC1 in the week starting Monday April 20. The exact date will be revealed next week.

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