All The Small Things

DID you watch it last night?
All The Small Things attracted a respectable 4.6m viewers in BBC1’s 9pm slot, the most watched show on TV at that time.
The cast included the busiest man on television this week.
Bryan Dick plays the mysterious curate Jake in Debbie Horsfield’s latest drama.
He also appeared as Phil Beaumont in Lewis on Sunday night.
And – as a very young man – in an ITV3 repeat of Clocking Off on Monday.
Making it three nights in a row on Tuesday with Jake…a man who looks to have an unholy past.

As one female choir member put it: “If he serves Communion, I’ll be going back for seconds.”
I interviewed Bryan ahead of the new series and will be running words from him in due course, along with the thoughts of both Neil Pearson and writer Debbie.
Update: The MEN feature on Bryan and Debbie is here.
If you missed it, there’s an interview with Sarah Lancashire here.
And another with Richard Fleeshman here – together with video and pic gallery.
In the meantime, sing up at the back…
Elton job’s a rocket, man
All the small things: Sarah Lancashire
Red Devil Debbie
Ian Wylie on Twitter



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4 responses to “All The Small Things

  1. Missy Lupton

    Excellent! Looking forward to your interview with BD – have been a fan of his ever since he played DC Blythe in Blackpool.

  2. mazbeth

    I love this programme…so many things to love about it…
    the very varied characters…
    Richard Fleeshman’s sensitive portrayal of a boy with autism…
    and a fantastic voice and musical ability [which, of course, he has in real life]..
    The storylines about snobbery and exclusion and inclusion.
    The forgiving nature of the character played by Sarah Lancashire, balanced by not being a doormat…
    the music [and I don’t mean the official choir…but the ‘All The Small Things’ choir].

  3. Amy

    Love this series, especially Bryan Dick an amazing actor, really he should have been the new Doctor Who in my opinon has he’s the only actor at the moment on par with david Tennant

  4. Dave J

    What an excellent series! Just when many people are wondering why they pay their TV licence, as the programmes are either repeats or seriously boring, along comes this great series. We shall miss it when it has finished. I hope a second series may follow; different storyline but the same main characters. Neil Pearson and Sarah Lancashire are perfect for the parts. ‘Scary Mary’ Samantha Janus is just that, and fits the part perfectly. Bryan Dick seems to be very good in everything he does, especially this series playing the curate, and Richard Fleeshman is real talent with his musical gifts and excellent acting. He has a fine career ahead of him.
    All I can add is…………more, please!
    Dave J

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