Ashes To Ashes Series 2: The First Review

IT starts on the day Alex Drake was shot by Arthur Layton.
Ending with a stunning revelation for the Detective Inspector trapped in 1982.
I have just watched the first episode of Ashes To Ashes series two.
And I’m still trying to get my breath back.
The long wait has been worth every single nano-second – here’s the exclusive first review.
Gene has returned to his table in Luigi’s and all is well with the world.
On the evidence of the first hour, series two is more assured, hitting its sure-footed stride with a menacing dark edge.
Philip Glenister and Keeley Hawes act their nylon socks off.
At ease with each other in a terrific TV double act.
With superb support from Dean, Marshall and Montserrat.
In among some delicious detail for those trying to work out “the bigger picture”.

Remember – everything is significant.
Or as one character tells Alex and Gene: “Find the significance.”
Due on BBC1 next month, the opening story centres around the death of a young police officer in a Soho strip club called Naked City.

Where Gene meets a stripper from Manchester…Hyde, to be precise.
Her biscuit of choice is, of course, garibaldis.
Ashley Pharoah’s script covers a lot of ground with ease and is sprinkled with memorable lines.
There are some headline grabbers from Gene, which I won’t ruin by trailing in advance.
Plus simple, but telling, exchanges such as:
Alex: You never talk about Mrs Hunt. Do you? Ex-Mrs Hunt.”
Gene: “That’s right. I don’t.”
The main opening title music has been tweaked, also featuring new series shots of the cast.
While on first viewing it appears that more music tracks have been used across the episode.
Roger Allam is a welcome addition to the cast as Det Supt “Supermac” Mackintosh, bringing in his own web of intrigue.
And then there’s the introduction of a seriously freaky new nightmare torment for Alex…
I realise I say this every time, but…I know just how much work has been put into this series.
So I’m anxious not to spoil the efforts of writers, cast, crew and production teams.
Which is why I’ll simply summarise just a few of the points I wrote down in 14 pages of notes recording episode one highlights:
1. An opening scene to keep us all guessing.
2. Torches and water.
3. Gene’s confrontation with the sixth in line to the throne.
4. Man in the mirror.
5. Step into the new world.
6. News of Alex’s fate in the future.
7. Several things not as they seem.
8. That helicopter sound again.
9. Nobody knows anyone.
10. A single rose.
Those opening and closing scenes really will have you pondering.
In these depressing days of recession, a weekly escape to the world of Ashes To Ashes will cheer millions.
Fire up the Quattro – it’s going to be quite a ride.
Fri Mar 27 update: Today’s MEN news story is here.
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