The Sister: Interviews

“This was the most challenging job I have ever done as an actor.”

Russell Tovey talking to me about new four part ITV drama The Sister.

Which starts at 9pm this Monday (Oct 26) and continues across the following three nights.

“I am very proud of what we have done,” added Russell.

“The Sister is a unique show with its own surreal energy and dynamics. It is scary and dangerous.”

Perfectly scheduled for the week leading up to Hallowe’en, The Sister was created and written by Neil Cross and based on his novel Burial.

During a long phone call to his New Zealand home at the very start of lockdown, Neil told me:

“In certain peculiar respects, this is the most autobiographical thing I have ever written. I’ve got a crippling fear of the dark. I’ve had that since I was a child. It’s a lifelong thing.”

You can read my interviews for ITV with Russell Tovey (Nathan), Bertie Carvel (Bob), Amrita Acharia (Holly), creator, writer and executive producer Neil Cross and executive producer and managing director of Euston Films Kate Harwood at the link below:

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