Death In Paradise

Sara Martins as Camille Bordey and Ben Miller as Richard Poole.

FANCY some rays of sunshine on these dark autumn nights?

Death In Paradise should be just what you need to forget about the chill in the air and that latest gas bill.

Written by Robert Thorogood and starting on BBC1 a week tomorrow – Tuesday October 25 – it’s a fish out of water drama filmed in the Caribbean.

I saw the first episode at a London cast and crew screening last month.

And then spoke to leading lady Sara Martins – still recovering from an extra drama on location – and executive producer Tony Jordan.

My first story on the show is below:

(Tue Oct 18: Blog updated with new pics after the expiry of the images embargo)


Sara Martins as Camille Bordey

SARA Martins found trouble in paradise when she filmed a new TV drama.

The star of BBC1’s Death In Paradise was flown from the Caribbean to a London hospital after being injured on location.

“I was running after a suspect and ruptutred my Achilles tendon,” said action woman Sara, 34, who plays police detective Camille Bordey in the eight-part series.

“It was in the middle of shooting, so after that there were no more stunts for me,” added the Paris-based actress. who co-stars with Ben Miller.

Filming of Sara’s scenes in Guadeloupe was halted as surgeons operated on her back in Britain.

“You’re not supposed to work for three months after that but I did go back,” explained the French film star.

“We were in the middle of filming when it happened so I still had two-and-a-half months to shoot.

“I was in plaster with a big boot but they found a way to film me in close-ups so you don’t see it on screen.”

Viewers will see Sara diving from a boat in her bikini in the first episode of the feelgood, sunny show at 9pm on Tuesday October 25.

But still recovering from her injury, she has now been banned from doing her own stunts if the drama returns for a second series.

Episode one.

Executive producer Tony Jordan, whose credits include EastEnders, Hustle and Life On Mars, said there was real concern for his leading lady and the big budget production.

“I thought, ‘Oh my God,‘ because we were literally half way through. At one point people were telling me that she had to be on crutches for the last four episodes.

“And I’m thinking, ‘No, wait. Sexy, gorgeous French actress in a bikini, walking out of the sea on crutches? It’s not going to work.

“But it was fine. We worked round it and her leg gradually got better. 

“You can’t shoot eight hours of drama on the other side of the world and not have any problems. No-one died.”

He added: “What was really funny was that she called them ‘crunchies‘ instead of crutches.

“Sara couldn’t walk but we couldn’t have our sexy lead on screen with crunchies.”

Set on the paradise island of Saint-Marie, the drama features Armstrong and Miller Show star Ben as Detective Inspector Richard Poole, sent from London to investigate a murder.

A fish out of water in the tropical heat, he finds himself forced into a crime-fighting partnership with Camille.

Screened in both Britain and France, the show also stars Lenora Crichlow, Hugo Speer, Sean Maguire, Matt Di Angelo, Don Warrington, Miranda Raison, Neil Stuke, Frances Barber, John Thomson and Lee Boardman.


Ben Miller has already revealed than an ambulance had to be called to the set after he collapsed from heatstroke.

He told the October edition of Reader’s Digest:

“The problem is the humidity. When I sweat, it can’t evaporate and my temperature just climbs, little by little, to the point where I suffer heatstroke.

“I ended up in the back of an ambulance earlier in the shoot. I didn’t know who I was, where I was, or what I was doing.

“Then I lost sensation in my hands and feet. I couldn’t remember the crew’s names or the dialogue I had to speak. I also suffered heat rage, mouthed off and insisted on being taken to a cool environment between scenes.

“Heatstroke makes you crazy, and you get a headache the next day. It’s like a night’s boozing, but with none of the benefits.”

Don Warrington as police chief Selwyn Patterson.

Danny John-Jules as Dwayne Myers and Ben Miller as Richard Poole.

Lenora Crichlow as Lily Thomson.

Ben Miller as Det Insp Richard Poole.

Sara Martins as Camille Bordey.

Red Planet Pictures


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34 responses to “Death In Paradise


    who sings the theme tune, doing my nut in trying to remember !!!

    • Lisa

      The theme tune is ‘You’re wondering now’ by that great band The Specials 🙂

      • Correct Lisa! Thank you. One of several great tracks you will hear during this series. The music used at the very start was the fusion remix of Bob Marley and the Wailers’ Sun Is Shining.

  2. Maggie Macdonald

    The Duellers ? Misbehave

  3. Ian

    Risking accusations of pedantry, but the music at the very start is Finley Quaye’s Sunday Shining – loosely based on Sun is Shining, but quite a different song and certainly not the fusion remix from Funkstar Delux 🙂

    • il camaleonte

      Thanks Ian !!! I was desperately looking for this wonderful song !! There’s definitely a great soundtrack in this series.

  4. PDA

    Sounds like the Amy Winehouse version of “you’re wondering now” though.

    • Lisa

      Possibly… it’s faster in tempo. That does sound like Roddy Byers from The Specials on lead guitar though.

      • Rude girl

        Does anyone know for sure if its a cover of the Specials (which was a cover anyway!!) or who it is? Roddy doesn’t know himself but then he hasn’t heard the music!!!

      • Lisa

        Not sure…..was going to ask Roddy myself but as he’s never heard it there’s no point! That was definately ‘Gangsters’ by The Specials though 🙂

  5. James

    What caribbean island is it filmed on?

  6. Martin

    where on Guadeloupe is the fantastic tv drama filmed?

  7. Neil

    The theme tune is “You’re Wondering Now”. The original is by Andy and Joey and was released in 1966, Jamaica. It’s not the Winehouse version, or the Specials versions, or even the Skatalites with Doreen Schaffer and it certainly is not an original composition by Magnus Fiennes as is claimed.

    • Lisa

      That probably is the original version but it’s not what they use as the theme tune which is faster and a lot more modern. It’s not The Specials’ version either and I’ve asked Roddy Byers and he’s not playing on it – in fact he’d never heard it before so we’re still none the wiser!

  8. Carole

    Here – down under in Oz – we love the show. And having lived in the tropics near Oz understand the culture. Great comic acting by all the crew especially Ben Miller.

  9. Lisa

    Ben is just great in everything he does….Armstrong & Miller, Worst Week Of My Life, Primeval, etc….

  10. Sandra Petrie

    I thought this was an absolutely fantastic show. The combination of Brits and French was really great. Top show.
    S Petrie, Tasmania.

  11. Grant Andrews

    yes it was really great. I fell in love with Sara Martins!

  12. Gwada_Girl

    Ahaha!, This is not really reflected what exactly what Guadeloupe is right now.
    The police car, the police office (with wood doors, wood walls, big computer screen )
    🙂 😀 It’s like 20 years ago ….Now, we get real office with cement, and A.C , and flat screen tooo hahah ! That’s makes me nostalgic.
    Another way to see my butterfly island..I love this tv show!

  13. Magnus Fiennes

    Re. Neil’s comment of last Jan:
    It is never actually claimed that the title music is by Magnus Fiennes
    I am credited as composer of the music for the series, amongst which I produced, arranged and recorded the title music. This is the common protocol in film and tv on screen music credits.

    • Is there a full version of the title music? Can only find the 30 sec as seen on the show, would love to have a full version of that particular tune!, I have the old originals.

  14. Lisa

    Maybe you could put us out of our misery, Marcus, as to who is playing on “You’re wondering now” ?

  15. julie

    Does anyone know what song is playing at the very end of the first episode (when Ben Miller walks with his suitcase on the beach)? I can’t find it anywhere. Thanks in advance!

  16. kevin

    my partener is a gwada girl also love the island,the inspector needs ac it is hot hot,hot.Nice light programwill be whatching tonight and thinking about swiming at gosier beach and eating spiced lamby.

  17. helen

    can anyone tell me where to buy a soundtrack to the program?

  18. melanie

    i think to please us all the BBC or whoever its up to should do a sound track of all the music from all the series!…love the show the music!…and LOVE the cast…hope there are many more series!

  19. Theresa

    Yes PLEASE make a soundtrack! Absolutely LOVE the music!!

  20. Greg

    Great job on the opening music! And another vote for a soundtrack

  21. Chris

    Yes, please, please, please do a sound track

  22. Sharon

    My friend emailed the BBC about releasing the soundtrack but their response was that the dvd’s had all the music on so they don’t plan to release a CD of it. Miserable lot!

  23. Pam

    Come on BBC please do a CD we love it

  24. Spencer

    Does anyone know who covers Bob Marley’s Sun Is Shining in the first episode? I just finished season 5… great series!

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