Spooks: The End

Peter Firth's final hour as Harry Pearce.

“YOU and I, we’re made of secrets.”

Ruth Evershed and Harry Pearce face the final curtain together.

Standing by a familiar estuary as we hold our breath to see what will happen.

Spooks series 10, last ever episode.

It begins in Moscow, where a man with a case is catching a flight to London.

Is this jet destined to cause a catastrophe in the British capital?

Meanwhile we learn exactly what killed young Tariq (Shazad Latif).

Nicola Walker as Ruth Evershed.

Harry (Peter Firth) is in the hands of the CIA and on his way to an uncertain future in America.

But we know he won’t be spending this final hour in the boot of a car.

So it’s not giving too much away to reveal that he is rescued to get on with the rest of the plot.

A grateful Sir Harry informing Dimitri: “This is likely to come up in your pay review.”

"OK. I won't tell anyone how it ends."

Several truths emerge as the clock ticks down to the moment when we must say goodbye to Spooks.

Ruth (Nicola Walker) and Elena (Alice Krige) discuss Harry.

Ms Evershed telling Mrs Gavrik: “I see he’s given more than I thought possible.”

While Russian Air Flight 474 continues its potentially deadly journey towards Heathrow with 312 people on board.

It’s tense. Very tense.

At one stage I was convinced Home Secretary William Towers (Simon Russell Beale) was going to spontaneously combust.

All the main series 10 players who have survived to episode six feature as we near 10pm on Sunday and the end of a TV era.

Including Ilya (Jonathan Hyde), Sasha (Tom Weston-Jones), Erin (Lara Pulver), Dimitri (Max Brown) and Calum (Geoffrey Streatfeild).

And we await a kiss.

Dedicated fans will already know that this farewell episode also includes a (very brief) return for a face from the past.

The media and some of those fans have known for some time who it is.

But I think it’s a shame that the identity of this character was revealed by a newspaper yesterday (Monday).

Why spoil part of the final hour for the sake of a cheap story?

You’ll get none of that here.

So while there’s so much more to say, it’s probably best to stop.

Aside to say…

The ending was, for me, about as perfect as I could have hoped for.

Especially the closing minutes of this ten series Spooks’ journey.

As I’ve said in this blog many times, we all see things in different ways – so I know not everyone will agree.

But I hope most will view this as a classic farewell episode, beautifully done by all concerned.

With a magnificent final line.


Alice Krige as Elena Gavrik

There will be a final Spooks blog from me after the last episode has been screened.

I’ve seen 10.6 several times now and will be watching again as it goes out “live”.

Before posting a few farewell reflections.

Max Brown as Dimitri and Lara Pulver as Erin.

He must have something up his sleeve.

You can tell they're already thinking about the dry cleaning bill.

Sasha and Dimitri.

The Key.

Erin (Lara Pulver).

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21 responses to “Spooks: The End

  1. Elaine

    This has been a cracking final series – I almost don’t want to watch next week’s because then it will all be over. What a shame, but what an absolute blast it has been… I’ve got my sister hooked on it now and am showing her the whole thing right from series one – I almost envy her the great voyage she has in front of her, LOL.

    My OH said he’d heard tell of a new spin -off. It seems almost sacrilege to mention it, because Spooks without Harry… well, unthinkable. But is there any truth in the rumour?

    • I also envy your sister, Elaine! As far as I’m aware this is the end – there will be no spin-off. Kudos are filming a totally separate “spy” show but it’s nothing to do with Spooks or any of its characters.

  2. Aerynrox

    I have something in common with the Home Secretary on the combustion front. I feel I might go up in a ball of flames while waiting to see what will happen. I am preparing for the worst, but it has been a great ride to the end of the line.

  3. Rosemary

    Thank you – just enough to keep me on tenterhooks for the rest of the week! And a huge extra thank you for your discretion – if only all your colleagues could follow your example. I’m now doing an ostrich until Sunday. After which I shall take a suitable pause, then be utterly self-indulgent and watch my entire box set collection from the beginning all over again.

    No spin-off. Please. Some things on television are just too good to be improved upon. I think ‘Spooks’ is one of them.

    And I’m sure Harry would approve of your link to the Scotch Whisky Association …

  4. guest

    Ian, sorry, but it sounds like you are a bit sour grapes at not revealing any cast returns. If you were told not to, that is your business but the BBC listed the cast members right on their site so it wasn’t as if it was hush hush. The Mirror reported it as they should’ve.

    • You are, of course, entitled to your opinion guest but that’s the first time in a 35-year career that I’ve been accused of sour grapes! Nothing of the sort. There’s a huge difference between a cast list on an internal website which has to be actively sought out and then expanded to reveal the information and placing a story in a wide circulation publication. Spooks fans who have chosen to avoid all major spoilers would have had no warning if they happened to have bought the newspaper and turned the page. And for the avoidance of any doubt, no-one tells me what to do. As a freelance I make my own decisions.

      • James Armstrong

        I am still wondering why you are still being so dramatic about this and why everyone is accepting this in such a complacent way. and I thought that the Canadians had top spot in being complacent. Seems i was wrong. If all the subscribers to this address had taken a stand like i did perhaps we could have forced Kudos to our way of thinking. I would like someone out there to explain why they accepted this decision by the company and Jean featherstone who ended ‘5’s life. And here is a thought for allof you: I have seen some of the actors in other series and I have either switched stations or switched off. I know i sound like a boring broken record but something baout this situation annoys me.

  5. Emma

    Another wonderful review which hints without giving much away. I’m counting down the minutes until Sunday but at the same time not looking forward to it at all as it’s THE END. Very glad to read that you’ll be doing an end of series report, Tuesday lunches (NZ time) at work are not going to be the same now that we’ve had your last midnight report! I’m hoping and praying that I love the ending as much as you seem to, and that my 2 favourite characters get a send off they deserve!

    On the subject of the returnee – I completely agree with you Ian. So many people are actively avoiding all spoilers for the final episode and to have it plastered in the Mirror ruins the anticipation for them. I feel a little more discretion could have been shown!

  6. Jackie

    Ian, thank you, thank you, thank you for giving nothing away but the obvious! Heaven forbid I’d read a rag like the Mirror so no problem there and having after all found myself strong enough to take your advice to avoid the trailer for this last episode I’m full of anticipation, excitement and dread! Still haven’t sussed out the villian so will curl up with a large red wine, some munchies and a big tissue just in case as all becomes clear ~ or will it?? Also joining the jealous of Elaine’s sister club!

  7. Karen

    Brilliant review Ian, l like Elaine have only just discovered Spooks in series 9 Have no idea where l have been for the last 10 year!! I suspect and forgive me if l am wrong, but l think like one or two of the rest of us H/R shippers, you are indeed one one of *us* So if you say it has the best ending then that’s just dandy in my book!

    Great blog BTW


  8. Honey Monster

    Well said, Mr. Wylie. Whilst I’m probably one of many who found out from the BBC website which character returns (and now wish they hadn’t) – the Mirror – clearly wrong to make this revelation – must have got its information from elsewhere as the article included a photo of the said person in what looked to be a scene from the episode. Whilst, admittedly, the character was only listed on the’Full Cast’ link, the Beeb should have omitted the name entirely (like the Radio Times).

    One final question – for those who’ve not their surprise spoilt – does the returning character’s past appear in the the ‘previously’ section?

  9. guest

    Ian, thank you for trying to be a RESPONSIBLE journalist! Some people don’t want to know the entire episode before it airs! I’ve been shocked at the Mirror and twitter.

    I know where I’ll be when Sherlock finally airs (here). I know where I won’t be when it airs (twitter).

  10. caroline

    Hope the last line is “Lets get a tortoise for the garden, Ruth” from Harry…

  11. Not sure if it’s possible to look forward to something and dread it at the same time – the last ever episode of Spooks that is. This show has drawn me in more than any other so it’s going to be really sad when it finishes… I just hope I can reach the same view as you have on how it ends. I have no doubt it will be beautifully acted, I just fear that H and R will have to go their separate ways. But time will tell…

  12. Ian as ever your blog has been a Gem. I have watched almost all of the episodes of the last ten years and I really hope that this episode gives the die hard fans what they want. I have it has to be said, been disappointed wyth this series. It has felt tired, so I really hope this finale leaves up to all the hype I’m reading.

  13. victoria

    I think I have a good idea of how the Series is going to end and if right I won’t like it.

    I did suss out early that Connie was a mole but since then I believed she did not die in the Underground explosion and for the first half of Series 9 thought that Ruth had been “turned” so my track record is not great.

    I’d just like to say how much I have enjoyed your column which has given us good information about the show and been judicious with spoilers.

    I entirely agree with you about The Mirror (and I have heard of at least one other newspaper that revealed the news). To get this info from the BBC website you have to go on a page and you can choose not to whereas it just hits you in the face in the newspapers – could they not even have posted a *SPOILER* warning? Very irresponsible journalism because I have seen several messages posted where the person had not wanted to know who the returning face was but this destroyed it for them.

    Anyway apart from E3 this has been a stupendous final Season and (provided I survive the ending) I am looking forward to your be-briefing next week!

  14. kris

    I want the last line to be along the lines of Ruth saying to Harry, “Guess what, dear husband, I’m pregnant.” That’s about the only thing that will make me smile through my tears at the end of this show.

  15. why cant we have more dramas of this quality?anybody who has not watched has missed a masterpiece in suspense and excitement,Sunday nights will not be the same! thank God for Downton Abbey,also great viewing.

  16. Pingback: Spooks: Goodbye | Life of Wylie

  17. Honey Monster

    Yes, I wish I hadn’t known about Tom Quinn returning. It probably was right to have a sad ending – Harry and Ruth retiring together would have been far less poignant.

  18. roxane

    I am one fan of Spooks for a long time. But the end does not satisfy me completely, I shall have wished the happier end – and sober (no setting sun etc.) – for Harry and Ruth, maybe a return on the Grid together. The death of Ruth-Pénélope was so predictable, I deeply hope the just alternative end to see Harry answering the telephone with an wedding ring by example!

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