Spooks: True North

A rally fan?

“THE dream is over now…”

Spooks series nine, episode seven.

Where we finally get some answers about Lucas North / John Bateman and Vaughn Edwards.

And much more.

A bloodied Ruth in grave danger.

With actress Nicola Walker pitched into action in some of the most dramatic and violent Spooks scenes of late.

Revealing the “sheer horror” of Ms Evershed’s job.

In slightly happier news, as seen in the teaser trail, the ever marvellous Malcolm visits The Grid in best suit and tie.

Having been on his travels since his welcome reappearance in episode six.

Episode seven begins with Sir Harry driving a Range Rover on to derelict land at “Tobacco Docks SE16”.

His passenger is Lucas and their discussion involves the 1995 bombing of the British Embassy in Dakar, the capital of Senegal in Africa.

“Actually, I was there when it happened,” reveals Lucas.

“It was the year before I joined.”

Not happy

Back at MI5 HQ, Harry has a letter for Ruth about her past.

Later telling her: “Neither of us are what you would call emotionally forthright.”

Perhaps Malcolm can get his mum to knock some sense into them?

Council snooper Keith Deery comes calling at Thames House with information for MI5.

It transpires that Mr Deery is a wannabe spook and his concerns are brushed aside.

But has he stumbled upon something significant?

There is, as you would surely expect by now, more facial recog.

Though no smashed laptops.

Other things that caught my eye include a perfectly framed synchronised pod moment involving Harry and Ruth.

In a dramatic tale of life, death and ironing.

As we hurtle all too soon towards the end of this series.

Avid Spooks followers know to pay close attention to each year’s new set of opening titles.

Giving, as they do from the outset, short glimpses into the future.

One scene in particular will make more sense once you have seen the very last seconds of the final “Next Week” trail for 2010.

Promising a classic Spooks finale.

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