Spooks: True North

A rally fan?

“THE dream is over now…”

Spooks series nine, episode seven.

Where we finally get some answers about Lucas North / John Bateman and Vaughn Edwards.

And much more.

A bloodied Ruth in grave danger.

With actress Nicola Walker pitched into action in some of the most dramatic and violent Spooks scenes of late.

Revealing the “sheer horror” of Ms Evershed’s job.

In slightly happier news, as seen in the teaser trail, the ever marvellous Malcolm visits The Grid in best suit and tie.

Having been on his travels since his welcome reappearance in episode six.

Episode seven begins with Sir Harry driving a Range Rover on to derelict land at “Tobacco Docks SE16”.

His passenger is Lucas and their discussion involves the 1995 bombing of the British Embassy in Dakar, the capital of Senegal in Africa.

“Actually, I was there when it happened,” reveals Lucas.

“It was the year before I joined.”

Not happy

Back at MI5 HQ, Harry has a letter for Ruth about her past.

Later telling her: “Neither of us are what you would call emotionally forthright.”

Perhaps Malcolm can get his mum to knock some sense into them?

Council snooper Keith Deery comes calling at Thames House with information for MI5.

It transpires that Mr Deery is a wannabe spook and his concerns are brushed aside.

But has he stumbled upon something significant?

There is, as you would surely expect by now, more facial recog.

Though no smashed laptops.

Other things that caught my eye include a perfectly framed synchronised pod moment involving Harry and Ruth.

In a dramatic tale of life, death and ironing.

As we hurtle all too soon towards the end of this series.

Avid Spooks followers know to pay close attention to each year’s new set of opening titles.

Giving, as they do from the outset, short glimpses into the future.

One scene in particular will make more sense once you have seen the very last seconds of the final “Next Week” trail for 2010.

Promising a classic Spooks finale.

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20 responses to “Spooks: True North

  1. Lynn

    Hi Ian – lovely blog, thank you.

    Sounds like this episode is packed. I’m looking forward to the synchronised pod moment with Harry and Ruth, lol, but not looking forward to the violent scenes with Ruth in quite the same way.

    Yay! for more Malcolm. 😀

    And finally some more information about Lucas!John and his murky past…

    As for the opening titles, I have a pretty good idea I know which scene you’re referring to. 😉


  2. nonsenseandmischief

    Hi Ian,

    Thanks for the blog, although I’m pretty sure it’s not normal for me to feel quite so wound up at a few hundred words!

    Not sure whether to be ridiculously happy about Ruth and Harry in a pod, and confronting Ruth’s past, or whether to feel sick at the thought of the violence Ruth seems set to be faced with.

    Very pleased to have Malcolm back – wonder how he’s going to get along with Tariq!?

    Also keen to see more of ‘that title scene’ ;), yet dreading it in equal measure.

    ‘Til next week….

  3. khandy

    I really hope that Spooks can come up with a plausable reason for Lucas’ actions because at the moment it is a complete hatchet job on a wonderful character.

    As for Ruth she is straying into ‘Mary Sue ‘ territory. She is so perfect it is annoying nobody is that good at everything.

    Also I have to say that Richard Armitage has been staggeringly good this series. The sheer range he is showing it creating what are essential two characters is amazing.iI is a shame that in among the Harry Ruth saga that goes unnoticed by a lot of people well except Peter Jackson

    • Angie Long

      Khandy, you’ve touched on my sentiments exactly, my dear.

      Anyone who has criticized RA for wooden acting this series should be forced to eat their words. As far as I am concerned, what he’s accomplished when saddled with essentially two characters to play and some scripts that stretch implausibility to the nth degree, is nothing less than marvelous.

      Ruth’s character is beginning to be like that kid in class who brown noses teacher at every turn and is irritatingly good and rather smug about it. As you say, nobody can know and be that good in so many areas. Again, stretching my ability to suspend my disbelief here, folks.

      Love Nicola and Peter; tired of Harry and Ruth. Interested to see how they tie up all this with Lucas/John, assuming they do and don’t leave us hanging.

      Saddened at the total deconstruction of what was a wonderful and promising character.

      Well, Richard, on to bigger and better things. You’ve got a brilliant future still ahead of you. For me, it will be goodbye to Spooks, which is starting to steal from both Strike Back (Ep 5, anyone?) and Robin Hood (naive fool for love).

  4. Jodie

    Ian love your blog as always. I’m already wanting to bite my nails off for next Monday!
    I LOVE MALCOLM!!! So fantastic to see Hugh Simon again.
    Oh, Harry and Ruth I’ve given up on those two. Even if they walk through the pods in-sync with each other.
    Worried for our dear Ruthie but yay for Nicola having to do some stunts, and more then she ever has done on the show.
    So glad we finally are going to get this whole Lucas back story done with.
    Though the Imperial March (Darth V. song) has sprung to mind with Lucas now 🙂

  5. Michael Forde

    At last Malcolm returns, also the revelation as to John/Lucas,
    I wait in trepidation for the final episode

  6. Sue


    I agree, lovely to see Malcolm back again, he has been greatly missed. I’m sure everything will come together regarding the Lucas North/John Bateman story but at the moment it seems a bit of a non-entity, and where are the promised steamy scenes? Either Lucas/John and Maya are going to have one hell of an orgy in the last episode (with Michael coming too!) or the best bits have been cut. (I’m thinking the table top scene here). Passion? About as much passion as a soggy trip to Blackpool (with the chip shop shut!)

    • Angie Long

      Laughing at your wonderful comment there, Sue about the much-ballyhooed steamy scenes promised pre-airing.

      Either (A) a lot has ended up on the cutting room floor; (B) Richard and Laila were specifically instructed by Kudos/BBC to play it all up in the interest of drawing more viewers or (C) the last two eps are going to have an incredible amount of sex and violence, and yes, possibly a threesome.

      Poor Lucas. Elizaveta, whom he genuinely seemed to still have feelings for, turned her back on him; he got stuck with a block of ice with a rotten accent last series, and now he’s bent on destroying himself over another female and, the way this is being scripted and directed, I can’t figure out why in the blue blazes she is worth it.

      Hopefully all will be revealed . . . but I am not completely holding my breath.

      Personally, I suspect a small, beady-eyed balding troll with a penchant for black silk PJs has been sitting over the keyboard the last two Spooks series, chuckling evilly as he rubs his hands–nails varnished in black–and dreaming of the Poetry of Pain.

      “Lucas North, enjoy happy sexy time with a responsive female? Be a great hero? A clue?–NO.”

  7. Spookette

    My favourite episode of the series so far! I was only slightly disappointed that Tariq’s tantrum wasn’t real 🙂 Great to have Malcolm back!! I was cheering when he appeared. I hope he is back permanently and not just for a few episodes. Can’t wait for the conclusion of this series – I’m just hoping Ruth makes it to series 10 :-/

  8. Judith

    Love your column as usual Ian, I am so looking to the end of the Lucas/John story, personally I would be glad to see him go & am hoping for so much more of Harry & Ruth,they have dragged their story out far too long. I have my finger’s crossed they both make it through to series 10 & how wonderful to see Malcolm back I hope he stay around

  9. Amelia

    Harry and Ruth? What a joke! Ruth’s so sweet and mild, isn’t she? Harry so unassailable. Lucas set up for the chop, having turned from fine man to villain! I’m firmly with the little beady-eyed troll theory and I, too, see parallels. Lucas’ trip has been fascinating. I think there’s a great deal more to him and I can’t wait to see what I think it could be. The outcome should be amazing. This could be the biggest shocker “Spooks” has ever delivered. I hope! 🙂

  10. Angie Long

    Glad you liked my troll theory, Amelia. In a very confusing series that has verged on soap opera at times, it makes quite a lot of sense.

    Am so v.v. tired of Ruth and Harry. Sorry, “Huth” fans, but that’s the way I feel. UST can be dragged out far too long.

    Hope they ultimately do Lucas’s character justice. You can’t fault RA for making the best of the madness. Eager and dreading to see final eps all at once.

  11. Sue

    Well it seems that my theory that Lucas/John may have been a “poacher turned gamekeeper” looks like being right (of course!) according to the spoilers for next week’s episode. To be quite honest I think this Lucas/John, Maya, Michael thing, has been one long daft storyline and us fans could have come up with a much better script between us. Personally I think his Russian ex-wife would have been a much better ploy, certainly would have been more convincing. It seems he was a bad-boy before he became a spy, so perhaps there’s some redemption for him in a future series, although as he’s going to be disguised as Thorin in The Hobbit, it’s unlikely. Over to Dimitri it seems.

  12. Rosemary

    I have been strictly avoiding spoilers this series and my enjoyment of Spooks has been greatly enhanced as a result! Thank you, Ian, for always making your blogs so fascinating while being so careful about what you say.

    Life, death and … ironing?? I don’t mind life and death, but ironing is one of my personal bugbears!

    Personally, I think Richard Armitage has done a superb job this series. To me, his portrayal of Lucas’s turmoil is right up there with Hermione Norris’s Ros Myers in series 8, and I can offer no praise higher than that. I personally think that Lucas is being well and truly manipulated. I’m not sure exactly by whom – but I can’t wait to find out!

  13. Ann Marie

    What if Malcolm were a member of Nightingale? My heart breaks at the total destruction of our Lucas.

    I hope TPTB do not have Lucas kill himself because that would be such a tragic end to someone who bore the trials and torture of the 8 years imprisonment. Would not more prison be as unbearable?

    Plus have we forgotten the Chinese hit squad’s real mission of the earlier episode?

    For Lucas I say “Loyalty binds me” and everyone deserves a second chance.

  14. Amelia

    The Spooks certainly live in a whole new spooky and very subterranean world of their own. See all, hear all, know all – and no windows. The strong pull of his former life is obviously too strong for Lucas so he can’t bury himself in denial for ever. We’ve been living the dream with him but it’s time he woke up! He’s suffered enough. It’ll be good for him to leave for greener pastures. Onwards and upwards! Go Lucas! You’re fantastic. SAS soldier, King, (Bard the Bowman, is it?) Can’t wait to see who you really are, in time! But you’re no villain, not a real one, anyway. Not anymore.

    • Ann Marie

      Amelia, Actually its Thorin Oakenshield and not Bard.

      • Amelia

        I knew that. 🙂 😉

        I think Ruth’s the head of ‘Nightingale’ and Malcolm’s her right-hand man. I think she’s the arch-villain and, as Malcolm’s so devoted to his mum, she probably threatened her. 🙂

  15. scribbler 66

    Well, I have no idea what’s going in with Lucas and Maya – apart from her propensity to make out out in hospital corridors, I have no idea why they care about each other. As for H&R, I think it all gets down to The Letter, which I reckon will be about the boy (the casual/deliberate ‘do you have any children?’ placed in earlier ep) and George’s death which Ruth, despite saying sorry, clearly still holds Harry accountable for. My money say the lad comes from the only non extended family in Crete, and that the Nan has died and he now wants to live with Ruth – and the Lucas storyline will mean poor Harry will have to choose between Ruth and The National Interest (a la series 8) and…da da duh…. leave us begging for series 10. I can’t wait.

    Never mind measuring your life out with coffee spoons, I measure mine with Spooks.

    All this and Malcolm too! Roll on Monday….

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