Merlin: Series Four

Bradley James and Colin Morgan as Prince Arthur and Merlin

MAGIC news today for fans of Merlin, which has been recommissioned for a fourth BBC1 series.

The current series is being watched by an average of over six million viewers, even though it has been pitched into direct battle with ITV1 ratings juggernaut The X Factor.

Ten new episodes will begin filming next March for screening in the UK later in 2011.

Featuring the arrival of the Knights of the Round Table.

Colin Morgan (Merlin), Bradley James (Prince Arthur) and the rest of the cast are now a global hit in 183 countries.

Quite aside from casting a spell in a range of merchandising spin-offs pushing the Merlin brand.

Including figurines, a publishing range and calendar.

The new series will be three episodes shorter than the 13 broadcast in each of the previous seasons of the fantasy drama.

BBC Drama boss Ben Stephenson, Controller Drama Commissioning, said: “Merlin continues to perform outstandingly well against The X Factor and offers audiences an alternative treat on Saturday nights.

“I’m pleased to confirm that the magical world of Camelot will be returning next year for a fourth series of this fresh and modern retelling of a classic British legend.”

Richard Wilson as Gaius

Johnny Capps and Julian Murphy, Executive Producers for Shine TV, which makes the series, said: “We are both delighted with the continuing success of Merlin and relish the chance to take the series to the next level with the long-awaited arrival of the Knights of the Round Table.”

Here’s the rest of the BBC press release:

“Series three has seen a host of high-profile guest-stars including Emilia Fox, Tom Ellis, Miriam Margoyles, Warwick Davies and Pauline Collins. Series three will continue on Saturday evenings on BBC One until the nail biting finale on the 4th of December.

“Loyal friends and exciting newcomers arrive to rescue Camelot as Morgana’s careful plotting is about to reach a potentially devastating and dramatic climax.

“Merlin is made for BBC Cymru Wales by award-winning executive producers Johnny Capps and Julian Murphy from Shine TV, with Bethan Jones as executive producer for the BBC.”

Merlin continues on BBC1 at 7:55pm next Saturday (October 30)

Official BBC Merlin Site

Official USA Syfy Merlin Site

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Merlin Series Three Trailer:



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8 responses to “Merlin: Series Four

  1. SnazzyO

    WHY only 10 episodes?

  2. Pingback: Adoring Angel Coulby ~ the #1 source for everything Angel Coulby

  3. Steph

    Thanks Ian for staying up to post this. Thrilled Merlin’s coming back next year, but disappointed it’ll only be for 10 episodes instead of 13 especially when it’s holding its own so well against X Factor. Any word on why the number of eps has been cut?

  4. The BBC are making no further comment about series four for now. As to the question of 10 eps instead of the usual 13, my own guess is that 10 eps is what they require for next year, so that’s what they’ve commissioned. And with such a best-selling series, I’m not sure general budget cuts at the BBC will have come into it. But, as I say, that’s just my guess and I could be wrong.

  5. Isabel D

    Thank goodness- after Ashes finished, I would’ve been gutted if Merlin had not been recommissioned.

    I’m guessing the reduction to ten eps may have something to do with the “Doctor Who” reschedule, (the whole plan for a split series bemuses me a lot, why on earth can it not stay as it is?!) so it’d be nice if each episode goes up to an hour long to compensate for this. . . although I’m not holding my breath.

  6. Clo

    Glad to read this – have been enjoying Merlin even more this series than in the previous two. Shame about the ten episodes though. Hopefully it will be back for a series 5 so it won’t matter too much!

  7. Sadly, season 2 was a little disappointing. But they DID rebound in season 3. It will be good to see the knights in action for at least 10 future episodes.

    Here is my take on season 3 with lots of pics and a little wit if you are interested:

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