Spooks: The One With The Spade

Driving Lucas (Richard Armitage) crazy

“YOU have a name, a life, that were never meant to be yours.

“You’ve got no friends, no family, no past. You’re not a real person.”

Spooks series nine, episode six finds Lucas / John caught on a hook.

Reeled in by Vaughn to the point of risking everything for Maya.

And capable of shocking behaviour.

Lucas is tasked with collecting American civilian Danielle Ortiz, played by Irish-born actress Fiona Glascott, from her CIA escort.

Then taking her to MI5 HQ at Thames House.

Danielle is a trailer trash computer genius who hacked the Pentagon and is now a cryptogropher for the US government.

Ms Ortiz has the crucial codes needed to connect Britain with America’s more secure Cybershell network.

But Lucas has other matters on his mind.

As does Danielle. “Nice tatts by the way,” she tells him.

Lucas and Danielle

Back at The Grid, it’s Tariq tantrum time.

Throwing a laptop to the floor and screaming: “I can’t take it anymore.”

We’ve all been there, haven’t we?

But all is not as it seems.

Sir Harry and his team are under surveillance and everything they say and do is being recorded.

Just as the government in the real world warn again about the threat of cyber attacks.

Some fans will know about the twist in the tale this week.

But I won’t spoil it for others by revealing it here.

In other news, Ruth’s suspicions about Lucas are further developed.

But can the clever one convince Harry?

Any American readers in Ohio may also like to comment on the view of the CIA boss in London.

He tells Harry: “I’m from Cleveland. Grey skies, freezing rain, empty factories. It’s like Britain plus.”

Episode six ends in memorable fashion.

With the “Next Week” teaser trail a classic example of ramping up the excitement for the final two episodes.

Yes, just two left after this one.

Where does the time go?

Vaughn Edwards played by Iain Glen

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