Ashes To Ashes: Into The Fire

Dean Andrews as Ray Carling

GOD is in the detail.

The eve of the 1983 General Election and an arsonist is on the loose in London.

Could “the great handbag” herself be a target?

Mrs Thatcher takes on Michael Foot all over again in the wake of the Falklands War for Ashes To Ashes final series episode three.

As DI Ray Carling (Dean Andrews) walks into the fire.

Still dazzled by Montserrat Lombard’s performance as Shaz in last week’s visit to Fenchurch East?

Well, there’s another treat in store as Ray takes centre stage.

A slow burning acting tour de force from Dean as we finally find out more about the man with the curly hair and tache.

Written by Julie Rutterford, episode three edges closer to what is to come later in the series.

As DI Alex Drake (Keeley Hawes) tells DCI Jim Keats (Daniel Mays): “The bigger picture’s your bag, sir. We’re just trying to find an arsonist.”

While Shaz informs Alex: “Ma’am, Manchester’s been on…”

A flaming hot, smoke-filled hour which needs, as usual, to be watched a number of times to catch all the possible clues.

Including some fascinating framing of Keats on screen, which begs the use of the pause button.

And more intriguing use of certain words and phrases.

Is any of that significant? Who can say?

But we should know by now that God is, indeed, in the detail.

The heat is on

Things to look out for in episode three include:

1. Chains.
2. A flower.
3. One’s Company.
4. Another kiss.
5. A town in Lancashire.
6. 23 02 71
7. More stars.
8. A bell.
9. The Sound of Music.
10. 27677.

*Ashes To Ashes final series episode three is on BBC1 at 9pm on Friday.

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13 responses to “Ashes To Ashes: Into The Fire

  1. “Another kiss” – cue TRA hysteria!

    Another intriguing blog Ian.


  2. Alice

    Ian, blog is brilliant as always, thank you for making my day! Not a clue what to make of those numbers though…
    “Another kiss”? Hehe!
    Thanks again,
    Alice x

  3. Tegwen Haf

    Thank yet again for an AWESOME blog Ian, I look forward to these immensly!

    Many thanks

  4. So very excited for the next instalment! Thank you again, Ian!

  5. iva

    Kiss!?! No, no, noooooo…don’t do this to us Ian.

    There is a “bigger picture” and “The Kiss”, only one kiss that matters. If this teaser is not part of this two then you are a very very naughty boy!

    Can’t wait for Friday! Thanks Ian!

  6. Another great blog Ian. Really looking forward to learning more about Ray’s story.

    This series is definitely living up our expectations. There is so much packed into each episode that is really does take 2 or 3 viewings to take catch it all.
    Can’t believe we’ve only 6 episodes left!

  7. Cloclo

    Awesome – Shipbuilding! I just love that song 🙂

    Absolutely loved last episode – totally gripped, so can’t wait to see this next one if it’s anywhere near as good.

    Thanks for the blogs Ian – doing a good job of keeping me in suspense.

  8. harri

    Great blog – will certainly be looking out for those things!! (Over multiple viewings of course!)

    Did I read in one of your other posts that you were going to do an interview with Keeley? Did I miss that or did it not happen?

    Thanks for the blog – very intriguing


  9. Thanks for all your comments and kind words – really appreciate them.

    Harri – my interview with Keeley will now appear next week to tie in with episode four. Hopefully it will be worth waiting for…will post a link here and on Twitter when I put it online.

  10. Harri

    Thanks Ian!
    Can’t wait! I think Keeley Hawes is one of the best British actresses working today. And of course, Ashes to Ashes is brilliant!

    Thanks again

  11. madame m

    The ‘Life on Mars’ theme again in episode 3 sent shivers down my spine. I’ve never been so obsessed with a series like this. Very gripping stuff. Also, ties in very well with the current election campaign. Very clever!

  12. Just wait until you see later episodes. Stunning.

  13. Claire M


    Loved it. Felt ill when Keats said he’d “unearth” Gene. My blood ran cold when he said how amazing Gene was (I can’t believe they haven’t got an inkling he’s lying) & then said “you don’t need him”. I’m sure I’m not the only one that thought he could be/have been speaking for us. Oh no !!
    Am I being daft, or did anyone notice Gene’s one-liners are getting less & less & he’s more in the background than he was before ?? (shame – the ref to Gandhi in a heatwave was brilliant)

    Not entirely sure Ray’s story *was* made up to be honest. I was crying too. I thought, surely he can’t die in the 3rd ep ?? – but you never know.

    Didn’t understand the election stuff (doesn’t mean much to me now, let alone then) It says a lot that you can still enjoy this even when you don’t “get” half of it !!

    Just wish there could’ve been Deep Purple’s ‘Into The Fire’ in it

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