Being Human: Aidan and Lenora

Aidan Turner as Mitchell

THE vampire, the werewolf and the ghost were watched by 1.4m viewers when they returned for a second BBC3 series last Sunday.

Aidan Turner (vampire Mitchell), Russell Tovey (werewolf George) and Lenora Crichlow (ghost Annie) are back for more this weekend.

Mitchell encounters an old friend, George and Nina (Sinead Keenan) are still trying to make their relationship work and Annie asks Saul out on a date.

Saul being played by former Spooks star Alex Lanipekun, whose MI5 character Ben Kaplan met a particularly bloody end.

Regular readers will know that I met up with Russell, Aidan and Lenora last week, just ahead of a London cinema preview screening of episode one.

If you’ve not done so already, you can read – and hear – what Russell had to say here.

Now here are a few extracts, with audio, from the interviews with Aidan and Lenora, who is also currently starring as fashion designer Ali in BBC1 drama series Material Girl:

Aidan: “It’s an epic journey for Mitchell – and for everybody, for George and Annie as well.

“He has to pick up the pieces after Herrick’s been killed and re-instates this old leadership quality that he had a long time ago.

“He has to get the vampires together and make sure that they don’t go after Annie or George.

“He becomes more involved in their world. It’s kind of huge. The character literally could go anywhere – and it sort of does.

“It’s an exciting time for him. It’s jam-packed this year.”

Aidan said he was flying to Los Angeles to dip his toe in the water there, ahead of filming of Being Human series three in April.

Check out the short audio files below:

Did he expect Being Human to have the success it has?

“It’s almost like the dream job…”

Being Human’s fan base?

What do the cast make of the planned American re-make?

Lenora Crichlow as Annie

Lenora: “It gets quite physical for Annie in episode two. We shot this scene in a tiny little room and Annie is fighting.

“The next day, my wrist was like a balloon. I had two days off, thank goodness, to recover.

“But I’ve never experienced anything quite like that. I couldn’t get out of the bath, I couldn’t use my hand at all.

“I braved it out because the stunt guy on set kept telling me to careful and I was Lara Crofting it up, saying, ‘I can do this!’

“Annie is a full poltergeist now, so that’s a whole different ball game.

“But there’s more to learn for her – she meets someone else who takes her under his wing.”

And here’s are a few short audio extracts from the interview with Lenora:

“What’s lovely about Annie…”

Is there a darker tone to this second series?

Was she surprised by the success of Being Human?

*Episode two of Being Human is screened on BBC3 at 9pm on Sunday (Jan 17).

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