Midsomer Murders: Final Case For John Nettles

THE end of a era in Midsomer was confirmed a few minutes ago.
John Nettles is to leave Midsomer Murders – but not just yet.
The veteran actor, who plays Det Chief Insp Tom Barnaby, will investigate his final case next year.
And be seen on screen well into 2011.
John, 65, has played the role since filming the pilot episode in 1996 and probed some 200 murders.
I spoke to the official Midsomer Murders spokeswoman this morning.
She confirmed that John has told producers he plans to retire from the role after filming scheduled episodes this year and next.

“John Nettles has decided that he will be leaving the series, but not until the end of 2010, which means that Tom Barnaby will be with us on screen for a long time to come,” she told me.
“He will leave after his 13th series, and following more than 75 episodes of the popular drama.”
John said today: “I never thought when we were filming the pilot The Killings at Badger’s Drift in 1996 that I would go on to film so many episodes.

“It has been a joy to be involved in such a long running series, with so many good actors and great storylines.
‘It’s the end of an era for me, and while I’m very sad to be handing in Barnaby’s police badge, he has solved nearly 200 murders, which I think meets the targets of modern policing!
“I wish my successor, whoever he or she is, the very best.”
John has two episodes to film early next year from Series 12, and will then begin filming Series 13.
A further eight episodes will take him through to the end of 2010.
A 14th series will mark the entrance of a new DCI, played by a different incoming leading man…or woman.
Producer Brian True-May said: “The brand of Midsomer is so strong that I am confident of its continuing success with a new actor.
“It has been a great personal and professional relationship between John and I, and I am very pleased that this is set to continue.”
Said to be one of the Queen’s favourite shows, scripts are now at an early stage of development for John’s Midsomer exit storyline.
No decision has been taken yet about whether Barnaby will be killed off as one of Midsomer’s murder victims.
But you wouldn’t bet against it, would you?

The series, on course to make its 100th episode in 2012, is still a huge ratings hit in both the UK and around the globe.
John’s decision to retire from Midsomer inevitably throws into question the long-term future of Jason Hughes as Det Sgt Ben Jones.
As well as Jane Wymark as Tom’s wife Joyce and Laura Howard as their daughter Cully.
But they are all due to be involved in filming episodes this year and next.
While speculation that the post-Nettles series will focus on Jason and Det Con Gail Stevens (Kirsty Dillon) is wide of the mark.
Laura Mackie, Director of Drama Commissioning for ITV said: “John has been instrumental in creating a much loved character and a hugely successful long running series for ITV.
“He will missed by us all and Barnaby will be fondly remembered as we move forward with the show, but we hope to work with John on other projects for the channel.”
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14 responses to “Midsomer Murders: Final Case For John Nettles

  1. Katey

    Oh no!! I’m so sad to hear this news as I love John in Midsomer. But I wish him all the best and I really hope Barnaby doesn’t get killed off (Joyce on the other hand…..) Hope Jones stays in the show, and why don’t they bring back Troy?

  2. This is really too bad. I totally understand that John wants to stop, but Midsomer Murders will never be the same. Now all my favorite series come to an end. Lynley has already ended, Frost will be ending and another actor instead of John? I wonder if that will work.

  3. Sad news but am really not surprised by this.
    I guess John must be tiring of the role by now. They have a gruelling filming schedule as well, especially as everything is shot on location.

  4. Seana D

    I am so sad to hear that John is retiring, but glad we will have him until end of 2010 at least. I love every single episode so far and im sure will love everyone to come. Would like to wish him well in future, and hope he enjoys his final episodes, the end of an era, There will only be one Tom Barnaby.

  5. carol rose

    So sad that John will leaving Midsomer. I, like many, am extremely fond of John. He is a great person, very professional and charming. He makes the programme and although it is a most enjoyable series – he is Midsomer and it should not continue without him. I wish John all the very best in any future.

  6. I am heartbroken that John is leaving Midsomer, I thought he would never leave. Midsomer is John, whatever happens to Det Chief Insp.Barnaby
    I hope he does not get killed off, he will be fondly and sadly missed, with sincere good wishes and good luck in all you do John. Mary O’Sullivan

  7. Ace Riley

    What a shame that such a great actor and great program should part?But i wish john all the best for the future.I think he should be offered a job in canada or japan as a police officer rather than kill him off?At least that way he could return..All the very best anyway mate.

  8. Raphaela

    Sad to hear that John will leave! The series won’t be the same without him. However, I wish him all the best for his future! As for a new inspector, I’d love to see Daniel Casey back in the series! 🙂

  9. Lucy Haywood

    I am devastated, I live for Midsommer. This is seriously sad news.

  10. Denise

    Although it’s very sad, I am sure that John would rather leave on a high than plod on (no pun intended) for years to come. He has been a breath of fresh air and is such a charming and genuine person and a great actor. All the best John and thank you.

  11. Paul Robinson

    I think it is sad that John Nettles is leaving the series, I hope he isn’t killed of as it is an easy solution to the problem, on the one hand it would mean Jane Wymark could still stay in the series as his Widow but it would not be right for the atmosphere of this Moderately gentle Whodunnit, perhaps a compromise would be that he is injured and has to leave Midsomer while he gets to learn how to cope with living and to give time for his house to be renovated, As Cully has married she could still be in the series moving near to Tom and Joyce as Tom will not be able to get out as much, Joyce could take a bigger role in the Village.

  12. Lee

    I don’t understand why the writers would consider killing Barnaby off. Isn’t there enough misery in real life? I lost a husband and was left with a small child and another on the way. That was enough misery to last a lifetime. Can’t we just enjoy our fantasy characters without having to worry about whether they will also die.
    Very disappointed. Another thing, I would never buy episodes of Midsomer if the main star dies. Who would want to watch them with him gone?

  13. patrizia gentile

    Dear John,
    My husband and I were sorry to hear that you won’t be doing Barnaby anymore. But I guess we all have to do changes in our lives. Hope they won’t kill you to end the episodes, it would be very sad. Anyway, we wish you all the best and we really enjoyed watching Barnaby, you are such a natural actor.
    With much esteem
    Patricia and Claudio Capozza

  14. anne

    this show will only survive if they bring back troy due to a promotion a fitting hand on after barnaby trained him.please don’t kill barnaby off it will spoil the whole theme of the show -good copper with normal family life maybe cully could have a baby and tom and joyce could retire and move to be near their family

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