A Night At The British Academy Film Awards

REGULAR readers of my awards blogs will know that it’s never quite like it looks on the telly.
Last night’s Orange British Academy Film Awards at the Royal Opera House was crammed full of top stars.
But, as usual, members of the working press don’t get anywhere near the auditorium.
You can hardly file copy on a laptop and use a mobile sitting next to Brad and Angelina in the posh seats.
As usual, we were placed in rooms set aside for the media – in this case the windowless Ballet Room, normally used for what it says on the tin.
Backstage at the Royal Opera House is a right old labyrinth, so we had to be escorted wherever we went.

One helpful guide told me that new staff are informed it will take them at least a month to work out how not to get lost.
In the press conference room, Mickey Rourke used exactly the same sort of language he’d made an impression with on stage.
But this time drinking from a bottle of Tattinger champagne
Picking up his Director prize for Slumdog Millionaire, Danny Boyle told the audience about what he thought was his dad’s power problem.

But wires must have been crossed, as you can read here.
With the original report from last night here.
Danny was one of the last to appear backstage.
He outlined how he has to go to Spain, Russia and Japan to open the film before flying on to Los Angeles for the Oscars on Feb 22.
“What I am feeling about the Baftas is pretty pleased,” he smiled.
Adding that he would love to return to Mumbai to make a thriller.
The A-listers were whisked off to a dinner and party at the Grosvenor House Hotel in Park Lane.
While I made my way home to a sausage roll, washed down with a sparkling cup of tea.
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