Whitechapel: Phil Davis

ITV are delighted with the ratings for Whitechapel.
Over eight million viewers watched the first episode and seven million the second.
But Phil Davis, who plays DS Ray Miles, almost turned down a role in the three-part modern day drama, which concludes on Monday.
“I have to admit and own up and say I had no interest whatsoever in Jack the Ripper,” he told us at the press launch for the series.
Yet once he actually started to read the scripts, he couldn’t put them down.
“I did no research at all but I went on the Ripper tour.
“And since then, I still have no theories as to who it might have been.
“It could have been anyone, as far as I can make out.”

He worked with Rupert Penry-Jones (DI Joseph Chandler) on North Square, which helped their on screen relationship.
Rupert is a bit of a fan of classic film Quadrophenia, which featured a young Phil as Chalky.
“It’s 30 years since it was made, it’s the anniversary,” Phil pointed out.
“All I remember about Quadrophenia and my bike was that I was constantly falling off it.
“It had so many mirrors on, whenever I wobbled a bit I would go down.
“So they had to have three copies of my bike.
“As I fell off one, they could wheel another up.”
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