Hustle 2009

THE con is back on.
Hustle returns to BBC1 next month for a fifth series.
With Adrian Lester back as Mickey.
Reunited with Robert Vaughn and Robert Glenister (pictured) as Albert and Ash.
Guest stars in the new series include Bill Bailey, Kelly Adams, Matt Di Angelo, Tim McInnerny, Kate Fleetwood, Patrick Bergin and Adam James.
Previous regulars Marc Warren (Danny), Jaime Murray (Stacie) and newcomer Ashley Walters (Billy) have left the series.
But Adrian says it was great to be back on set with the dream team of Vaughn and Glenister.

“It was brilliant. I was back with my old playmates again.”
As fans know, Mickey has been in Australia, selling the Sydney Opera House.
Having worked in film and TV in America, Adrian explains: “I started to think it’d be a real shame to say goodbye to Hustle without a send-off.
“I thought if Kudos were going to do something like a one-off special, then Mickey should come back from Australia and be part of the gang.
“Kudos called me and said they wanted to discuss the idea of another episode.
“And that turned into the possibility of another series.”
Which is what’s heading for your screen very soon.
Update: Hustle returns to BBC1 at 9pm on Thursday Jan 8.



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4 responses to “Hustle 2009

  1. Pat Kennedy

    Hustle is an absolutely brilliant series. One of the two best things on TV, and [coincidentally?] they both happen to be Kudos productions. I’m so glad they finally decided to recommission it.
    Would there be any chance of an interview in the near future with another member of the Dream Team -namely the brilliant Robert Glenister, who also happens to be in the other Kudos production!

  2. Ian Wylie

    Hi Pat – I haven’t interviewed Robert so far for the new series of Hustle but hope to feature him in January, once I’ve dealt with all the Christmas and New Year intvws.

  3. Pat Kennedy

    Thank you so much Ian !
    I will look forward to that with even nore anticipation than I usually look forward to your blogs.
    The BBC has just announced that they’re commissioning Series 8 of Spooks too – so you’re going to be busy.

  4. Ian Wylie

    See the later blog on Spooks, Pat. I ran the news at 11:10am today before it appeared elsewhere.

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