Survivors: Nikki Amuka-Bird

DID you see that coming in Survivors last night?
Government minister Samantha Willis certainly surprised me in the third episode of the BBC1 drama.
As did the the location used by actress Nikki Amuka-Bird and the rest of the TV team to portray the home of Samantha’s small community.
Interviewing Nikki back in September, she told me about filming the scenes at the Earth Centre, near Doncaster.
You can read more about both Nikki and Survivors in yesterday’s MEN interview here.
I have to confess I’d never heard of the Earth Centre.
And, perhaps, I’m not alone…as it failed to attract visitors and closed in 2004.

Before writing the feature on Nikki, I searched the web for info on the Earth Centre and related photos.
Then compared the pics with images in last night’s episode, which I ended up watching three times.
One of the best sites I found was this one about a series of school trips to the attraction when it was still open.
Which reminded me, yet again, of how marvellous the worldwide interweb can be.
And how a detailed photographic record can prove valuable years later.
Take a bow Town Field Primary School in Doncaster.
Opinion appears divided on Survivors.
Last night’s episode was watched by an average 4.6m viewers – up against I’m A Celebrity.
Are you a fan? Or have you switched off?
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