Coronation Street: Big Brother

REPORTS about the casting of a new factory boss in Coronation Street have missed out a family link.
Craig Kelly arrives on screen in February as Luke Strong, who turns out to be the majority shareholder in Underworld.
And former Queer As Folk star Craig just happens to be the elder brother of ex-Shameless actor Dean Lennox Kelly.
Dean, 33, whose recent credits include The Invisibles, The Passion, Cranford, Sorted and Doctor Who, began life as plain Dean Kelly.
But as there was already an actor of that name, he added his mother’s maiden name – Lennox.
While Craig, 38, has played a string of roles since appearing as Vince Tyler (pictured) in Russell T Davies’ classic Manchester C4 drama.
Including Casualty, Waking The Dead and teacher Mr Treblecock in the third and final series of The Grimleys.

Lancashire-raised Craig is brought in to Weatherfield as an old business associate of Carla’s (Alison King).
His character fills the gap when actress Alison goes on maternity leave.

Her absence is explained on screen by the breakdown of Carla and Tony’s (Gray O’Brien) marriage.
Tony is then stunned when Luke arrives and take charge at Underworld.
I spoke to Dean about his big brother Craig earlier this year.
They’ve yet to work together on screen.
“I thought it might have happened,” said Dean.
“The Fiennes brothers get offered it, the McGanns get offered it, then we get it.
“But it never comes that far down the chain. It would be great.”
Dean hoped the writers of The Invisibles might create a part for Craig in a second series.
“My brother walks in – imagine!
“Not only are we similar…I’ve never met him. What an episode you could have.
“Suddenly discovering you’ve got a brother who is better looking than you and he’s older, but not quite as hairy and funny.”
Sadly, there will be no second series for the now axed BBC1 series.
So how about it Corrie?
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One response to “Coronation Street: Big Brother

  1. Paul Sheehan

    As always, Ian has gone that extra step and provided another fascinating aspect to a news item.
    I wonder whether this new Corrie character will be a potential love interest for one of the factory girls or boys! Either way, I am sure Craig Kelly will bring his cheeky charm to the role.

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