Demons: Showtime

ITV has now released the first publicity pic of Demons.
The six-part drama stars Philip Glenister as American Rupert Galvin.
It’s due on screen early in the New Year in a weekend schedule which will also include the 2009 series of Dancing On Ice.
I asked Phil if part of the attraction of the role was the fact that, perhaps, his eldest daughter could watch him on screen.
“Well, yeah, I’ll try it out on Millie, maybe.
“I don’t know, because it is quite scary in places.

“Some of the monsters are pretty hairy.
“But then my eldest daughter, she’s much more resilient than I am.”
Asked how he felt about his profile being raised even higher via Demons, Phil joked:
“I can’t possibly get even more of a sex symbol than I already am.
“It’s impossible,” he laughed.
You can read more about both Mr Glenister and Demons here.