Demons: Philip Glenister

“PUT the gun down or forever know my wrath…”
Philip Glenister as an American vampire smiter?
How’s that going to work?
It’s always dangerous to judge things from a press screening.
Firstly you’re watching the programme on a much bigger screen with better sound than back at home in your living room.
And then there’s the influence of the venue.
The press screening of the first episode of ITV1’s Demons was in the crypt of this central London church late this afternoon.
Throw in a few candles and it’s just about the perfect spot to set the mood for this new six-part fantastical drama series.

Phil is on screen from very early on in the first episode.
The accent appears a bit strange at first, in a sort of, ‘Why is Gene Hunt talking like that?’ kind of way.
But after a few scenes I totally accepted that Phil was, indeed, larger-than-life American Rupert Galvin.
And by the end of the first story I was convinced that he has another hit on his hands – not to mention a very cool character.
Demons – heading for Saturday nights in January – is great fun…with plenty of scary moments.
Plus one or two words which I was surprised to hear in a pre-watershed show.

For my money, the opening episode is better than the debuts of Robin Hood, Primeval and Merlin.
With just the right tongue-in-cheek tone from Phil as he delivers those smiting lines.
It sounds ridiculous on paper…or typed on the web.
But when Rupert tells an evil half-life: “Do it now or I will surely smite thee, you freak’ – you just want to get up and cheer.
After the screening we spoke to Phil, as well as Christian Cooke, who plays Luke, Zoe Tapper, who is Mina, and Holliday Grainger, who plays Ruby.
Other notables in the cast include Mackenzie Crook as twisted vampire Gladiolus Thrip.
“They said I could play it English if I wanted to,” Phil said about Rupert.
“But I just thought part of the challenge was to have a crack at playing an American.”
Phil, pictured on this page as Gene Hunt, came straight to the launch from filming the second series of Ashes To Ashes.
He told the story again about his phone conversation with Harvey Keitel, who plays Gene Hunt in the American version of Life On Mars.
Revealing that he was on holiday in the Channel Islands – Alderney to be precise – when he took the call.
In the press notes, Phil explains that Rupert drives a Mercedes.
“It’s a good old car, a 1972 SL in silver.
“I think it will feature quite nicely in the show and, yes, I’ll be firing up the Merc…”
Rupert’s choice of in-car music is featured at the bottom of this blog.
Along with a short audio clip from this evening’s Q&A.
And a link to a trailer for Demons.
“We are making a family supernatural thriller and it is dark in places but there is also humour,” says Phil.
“Kids love to be scared but at the same time they want to have some fun.
“It’s a bit of a Scooby gang.
“Though of course they are all young, gifted and beautiful and then there is me…the dad character.
“Maybe Galvin is the sensible one in Scooby Doo – Fred. But much older!”
We were also shown a showreel of highlights from the rest of the series.
Ashes To Ashes fans will be interested in one clip.
It shows Rupert using his pulse gun to shoot a clown…
Seems like he’s serious about that wrath.
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