Survivors: Despair And Hope

CERTAIN critics have been getting very hot and bothered about Survivors.
A few appear more concerned about making an impact with their readers, rather than giving a balanced opinion on the drama.
Sunday’s opening BBC1 episode got an impressive audience of 6.5 million.
Pretty good when you’re in direct competition with an altogether different bunch of survivors in I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!
Episode two is screened at 9pm tonight.
As you can read in today’s MEN TV feature here, it puts a whole new spin on Supermarket Sweep.
And just what is going on in that mysterious secret research facility?

Those who remember the original 1975 series speak in hushed tones about the opening title sequence.
The 2008 equivalent is pretty impressive too.
Survivors can be disturbing and unsettling viewing.
But we’re also promised some hope after the despair.
Abby (Julie Graham) is still looking for her son Peter, about to turn 12.
She maintains: “If he was dead, I’d know.”
Next week we even get a helicopter.
Along with some other shocks and surprises in my favourite episode so far.
Writer and creator Adrian Hodges says: “Technology, although theoretically dead because there’s no power, does play a much bigger role in this series than it ever could have done in the original.
“There are ways of making technology work that affect the storytelling.”
It’s easy to pick holes in a series as bold and ambitious as Survivors.
Me? I’m gripped.
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