X Factor: Diana’s Record Deal

THERE probably wasn’t much doubt.
But Simon Cowell has all but confirmed that he’ll be giving Diana Vickers a recording contract.
And that’s whether she wins The X Factor or not.
Take That stars Gary Barlow and Mark Owen paid Diana several compliments during a master class last week.
With Gary telling the Lancashire student: “If Simon Cowell ever doesn’t sign you, I would sign you tomorrow.”
To which Simon responded last night: “We will not be accepting Gary Barlow’s kind offer for a recording contract.
“Leona has done fine with me, thank you Gary.”

And for the avoidance of any doubt, Simon told Diana: “I absolutely adore you.”
Craig David put into words on ITV2’s The Xtra Factor what many have been thinking since the start of the live finals.

That Diana is certain to get a record deal and it may even be in her interest not to win this series.
Back on ITV1, Dannii was in tears after a row with Louis over song choices.
What exactly went on in that ad break?
While we saw film of Man Utd fan Eoghan Quigg spending time with their Premiership trophy.
And talking of the Irish teenager…
Certain papers have been desperate to run web gossip about an affair in The X Factor house between Diana and Eoghan.
One tabloid finally couldn’t resist any longer, and ran a story on Saturday claiming the two were together.
Except it’s not true.
I’m told the two are best friends…but nothing else.
Diana says she is “totally committed” to her boyfriend Chris Jones, who is a student at Manchester University.
Both she and Chris have put out statements denying Saturday’s story.
Meanwhile eliminated Rachel Hylton has been in tears today.
She broke down at a press conference while talking about negative media coverage about her.
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