Spooks: Armchairs And Cliffhangers

YOU can always rely on Spooks to hurtle towards a conclusion.
The last two episodes in the current series gather speed like a runaway train.
Episode six – the third last in this series – is screened on BBC1 at 9pm on Monday.
And then we come to episode seven.
It’s shown for the first time on BBC3 at 10.30pm on Monday, ahead of the main BBC1 transmission a week later.
It begins in the same place as episode six ends.
With Harry (Peter Firth) sitting at home in a brown leather armchair.
Having taken a stiff drink, he starts his CD player.

Harry’s choice of music is Chorus Of The Hebrew Slaves by Verdi.
Which is when Spooks begins to work its magic.
On first viewing, the scene initially reminded me of another classic TV moment involving John Thaw in The Remorseful Day.
In what was Inspector Morse’s last investigation, the camera also closed in slowly as Thaw sat motionless in a chair listening to classical music.
But Spooks adds another dimension in what is a truly brilliant acting performance by Peter Firth.
Episode seven is where we learn the identity of the mole in Section D.
Among other dramatic discoveries at MI5’s HQ.
Then just when you think this series must surely have run out of track, along comes episode eight.
When the stakes turn out to be even higher.
Will there be a series ending cliffhanger?
Find out when the final episode is screened by BBC1 on Monday December 8.
Unlike the others, it will not be previewed on BBC3 the previous week.
Despite speculation, I’m told that the BBC has still to confirm a Spooks re-commission from Kudos.
But I’ll be amazed if there isn’t a positive announcement in the next few weeks.
The last two hours of Spooks 2008 are up there with the best.
How will we bear the wait until the next series?
*There will be a final Spooks series seven feature in Monday’s MEN.
Update: The MEN interview with Alex Lanipekun (Ben) is here.
Verdi: Chorus Of The Hebrew Slaves

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9 responses to “Spooks: Armchairs And Cliffhangers

  1. Aerynrox

    Peter Firth = BAFTA!

  2. Katey

    Just watched the most recent two episodes of Spooks – it’s just one of the BEST things on telly, and I wish this series was a bit longer. Am loving Richard Armitage as Lucus. Hope he is here for a few seasons more.

  3. Patty

    Thanks for all these articles about Spooks.
    You may not want to publish this, but I have to ask, I’m too curious. Is it true that Ben gets killed in episode 7 and that the mole is Malcolm?

  4. Ian Wylie

    Hi Patty – thanks for your kind words. I know there’s been speculation about all kinds of possibilities in the last two episodes but my policy has always been not to comment on any of it directly.
    I know it’s frustrating when you want to know, especially with a series as gripping as Spooks. But it wouldn’t be fair to spoil the work of the cast, crew and production team by revealing anything that may or may not happen in any given episode. That applies to episode seven in the same way as any of the other episodes.
    Obviously we know from the online BBC press information that the mole is revealed in ep seven but surely it’s right that whoever it is is revealed first on screen, and not by journalists in advance? Sorry!

  5. Aerynrox

    Have just watched episode 6, and feel certain that Harry is listening to the Lacrimosa from Mozart’s Requiem Mass and not the Verdi piece you mentioned.
    Sorry – not trying to be annoying. It’s just that Lacrimosa was used to great effect in Spooks 3.05 as well. If they keep this up, it will become a signature.
    Those of us who are Spooks fanatics might even be reading a bit of Harry/Ruth into this choice of music. If you don’t know why, you should check out 3.05 again.
    Keeping the Harry/Ruth faith….it’s what I do.

  6. Ian Wylie

    Hi Aerynrox. Many thanks for the comment. Yes, I know Lacrimosa is playing at the end of ep 6 but Harry’s choice of music moves on at the start of ep 7. Don’t worry, I know you weren’t trying to be annoying…I understand totally about being a Spooks fanatic!

  7. Aerynrox

    Oh Fantastic! That Verdi piece is so moving. Can’t wait for episode 7!

  8. susan

    It is certainly NOT the Hebrews Slave chorus…..Mozart Lacrimosa it certainly is!!

  9. Ian Wylie

    Susan – please see my earlier comment.
    Yes, Lacrimosa is playing at the end of episode six but I’m writing about the start of episode seven…the episode which was screened on BBC3 at 10.30pm last night and will be broadcast on BBC1 next week.
    If you’ve seen it, you’ll know that – as I’ve explained in the earlier comment – Harry starts a fresh CD track on his player…and it’s definitely Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves!
    Lacrimosa was left behind in episode six…screened on BBC1 at 9pm last night.

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