Coronation Street: Que Up Chuck

NEWS today that former Fawlty Towers star Andrew Sachs could be heading for Coronation Street in 2009.
Writers are aiming to create a role for him as the brother of Norris Cole, co-owner of The Kabin, played by Malcolm Hebden.
But I’m told the potential role is in no way a result of recent events involving a certain Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand.
Andrew, 78, was at the centre of the storm over prank phone calls made to his answerphone by the pair.
He actually began talks with Corrie several months before the BBC Radio Two controversy about remarks made in relation to his granddaughter Georgina Baillie.
A Coronation Street spokeswoman told me this morning: “It’s very early days.

“This storyline was originally thought of six months ago and it’s taken some time to develop the role and the story.
“It all came about long before the Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross saga and our interest in Andrew is in no way related to that.”
The veteran actor played dozy Spanish waiter Manuel alongside John Cleese, as Basil Fawlty, in the classic 1970s BBC TV comedy.
They reunited on stage last week for a sketch as part of a night of comedy to celebrate the 60th birthday of Prince Charles.
The TV recording of We Are Most Amused was screened by ITV1 on Saturday night – and the photo on this page is of Andrew on stage.
It’s important to stress that nothing has been finalised in terms of his possible Corrie role.
But if the plans eventually work out, Andrew will be seen on the cobbles next year.
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