X Factor: Diana Hits Back

LOOK at the stars…look how they shine for you.
X Factor favourite Diana Vickers hit back at her critics last night.
And then burst into tears when she was saved in the public vote.
Almost certainly helped by a canny comment from Simon Cowell.
After her slightly wobbly performance of Coldplay’s Yellow, Simon commented on her comeback from severe laryngitis:
“I don’t think you’re well enough still, because your vocal was really off in parts.
“You know it, I can see it all over your face.”
And then he added: “For the first time ever, I’m nervous for you.”

Which seemed to me to be a deliberate line to ensure viewers voted for Diana.
An artist he knows will sell records.
All four judges had, obviously, been briefed beforehand with the theme of the week after Laura White’s shock exit seven days earlier.
As Simon put it: “If you want your contestant to stay in the competition – got to vote for them.”
It resulted in the highest public vote of this series so far – while the show attracted a peak figure of almost 12m viewers.

You can read the full MEN report here.
Lancashire student Diana, 17, is still favourite to win this series.
Eoghan Quigg is now second favourite with the bookmakers, closely followed by Alexandra Burke and then JLS a little way behind.
Rachel Hylton is currently odds on to be eliminated next Saturday, with Ruth Lorenzo next in line for the boot after that.
Daniel Evans finally left last night.
He told his elimination press conference this morning that he never thought he could win The X Factor.
Daniel also hit out at those who said he’d used his wife’s death as an X Factor sob story.
As for Diana’s prospects, the clue is in the lyric quoted in the first line of this blog.
Simon’s conclusion last night?
“I think you are the most relevant artist, probably, in the entire competition.”
There’s still some way to go yet.
But it will be a real shock if Diana doesn’t at least make the final.

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