Ashes To Ashes: Children In Need

WASN’T it great to see the Ashes To Ashes cast back on screen last night?
Complete with Alex’s new hairstyle and those much trailed highlights for Chris.
Though, sadly, no sign of Shazza.
I’ll be going on set soon for interviews ahead of the second series.
Though, as usual, the material will be embargoed until nearer transmission next year.
So in the meantime, let’s reflect on last night’s Top Gear Meets Ashes To Ashes in aid of Children In Need.
If you haven’t donated any cash yet, now’s a good a time as any.
Click here to go to the official Children In Need site.
The running sum raised at the end of the show at 2am today was £20.99m.

Which means the annual appeal is on course to beat the £37m raised in total last year.
The BBC has posted the short Fire Up The Quattro film on their corner of YouTube.
It documents what happened when Richard Hammond went back in time to meet Gene Hunt.
Scroll to the bottom of this blog to see it.
And here are a selection of screen grabs from the film.
Remember – they look much better after you’ve donated.
Let me know via the comment box below if you’ve got any burning questions you want me to ask the cast or production team.
I’ll pick the best two or three and try and get the answers.
Although, due to embargoes, you will almost certainly have to wait until 2009 before I can publish the responses.

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9 responses to “Ashes To Ashes: Children In Need

  1. Missy Lupton

    What do your daughters think of Gene Hunt?

  2. Ft

    Ask Philip straight up if he reckons ‘Ashes’ matches ‘Mars’. He’s always sounded slightly negative in interviews and I’m interested to find out.

  3. Bollyvox

    Ah. I remember those heady, heady days of the Toyota Yaris…
    Ah, gotta love CiN – great to hear of the preliminary total.

  4. Genny Andrew- Reid

    Which overseas location would the team choose, for an episode or two, (if it was possible financially) – and why.
    If in a Bond film, would each team member prefer to play a villain, or …one of the good guys/girls.
    If the Ashes team ( in character) had to visit another tv programme..which would it be ?

  5. Laura Knight

    As most of the work you have done is not appropriate viewing for young children, including LOM and AtoA, what do your daughters know of Gene Hunt? Is he just a grumpy version of daddy?

  6. Janet

    Hi Ian
    Now that the main cast have been briefed fully on the bigger mystery I’d be interested to know, firstly, if it came as a shock or whether it was something that they had begun to have their suspicions about, and secondly, has this new awareness led to a change in the way they approach, perceive and portray their character in this series.
    Also, as this is a CIN blog, can I just say well done to everyone at TRA who helped raise £1150 for this year’s appeal at last month’s meet up.

  7. Junius

    In the first episode of Ashes to Ashes, Layton tells the person he is on the phone to that he is about to tell Alex the truth about how her parents died. He then shoots her without explaining anything.
    In the next series, will any more light be shed on:
    a. Who he was talking to?
    b. Why he shot her?

  8. daphne

    I’d be delighted if you would ask Philip HOW he prepares to deliver “Gene” to us every episode. Is he an intuitive actor who learns his lines and then just trusts himself to do them Gene-style, or does he have to prepare for hours AS Gene, fixing the accent and the level of delivery of each set of lines, well in advance? At this stage in his development of the role, does he encounter corrections about his characterization from his directors?
    Thanks Ian – it’s kind of you to ask your readers what they want to know!

  9. Ian Wylie

    Hi Daphne – thanks to you and everyone else who has been in touch.
    As you’ll see from a later blog, I was on set today but I’ll be interviewing Phil again in the New Year.

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