Ashes To Ashes: An Afternoon In 1982

THE sun burst out from behind rain clouds when I arrived at the Ashes To Ashes set this afternoon.
Philip Glenister (Gene Hunt) and Keeley Hawes (Alex Drake) were filming today.
Along with Dean Andrews (Ray Carling), Marshall Lancaster (Chris Skelton) and Montserrat Lombard (Shaz Granger).
Phil very kindly looked through a 1982 copy of the MEN I dug out from my loft.
While producer Beth Willis was on hand to provide an overview of the second series.
The team are about to start filming episodes five and six and are on course to finish the entire shoot in early February.
I’ll be doing more interviews with cast members ahead of the start of the new eight-part series.

As Mr Glenister has already said, that’s likely to be in March.
Due to the usual embargo, I can’t reveal any of the content from the interviews until nearer transmission.
I know it’s frustrating for fans desperate for information.
But I promise it’ll be worth waiting for.
I was genuinely excited by what I heard today.
Series two is on course to be even better and more assured than the first.
With that added hint of darkness promised by writers Matthew Graham and Ashley Pharoah.
Along with all the other elements of the show many of us love to bits.
And more than a few surprises.
So let’s stick a calendar on our walls and count down the days.
Episode one will be here before you know it.
*One keen fan paid £21,000 to Children In Need to win a prize which includes an Ashes To Ashes set tour – via Terry Wogan’s Radio Two “Things Money Can’t Buy” Auction.
All I can say is…it’s worth every penny.
More details here.
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