The X Factor: Diana Vickers

IT’S been a pleasure to interview all three of the north west X Factor finalists ahead of tonight’s first live show.
Last, but not least, this week was Diana Vickers.
She told me she is having dreams about appearing on stage in front of the judges.
Diana also vowed not to change her style, despite her X Factor makeover pictured on this page.
You can read the online version of today’s MEN story here.
And check out my interviews with Laura White and Scott Bruton.
Quirky Diana, 17, also spoke about her reaction to a tabloid story last weekend which used photos of her on a night out.
It claimed she was a “wild child” who “loves boozy nights out” – but it looked to me like a story created to fit the pictures.

“Obviously I saw them and I got a bit upset and worked up because it’s just something blown out of proportion,” Diana told me.
“It’s complete rubbish.
“But now I laugh about it and think, ‘People know who I am and what I’m like.’
“I go out once in a blue moon. It’s just silly.
“Now you see stories on Britney or whatever in the paper and I just ignore them because I bet it’s a load of rubbish.”
The X Factor is on ITV1 at 7.15pm and 10pm tonight.
Little Hippy Takes To The Big Stage
Laura White Interview
Scott Bruton Interview
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7 responses to “The X Factor: Diana Vickers

  1. Proud Mancunian

    So on TV tonight (Saturday 11th October) we also have the Stirling Prize live on Chanel 4 – the Manchester Civil Justice Centre is featured. Then tomorrow (Sunday 12th October) we have the Peter Kay programme on Channel 4 too.
    Yet neither of these programmes are featured in our very own newspaper this weekend!! Not in Friday’s nor Saturday’s paper.
    In fact, I’m always amazed by just how many programmes our very own local newspaper fails to mention – that are about, or are made, in Manchester??
    Tell me, do you write your television preview feature from London? Or just from a London perspective!!!!

  2. Ian Wylie

    Hi Proud Mancunian,
    We covered the Civil Justice Centre nomination in the MEN when it was announced:
    Tonight’s awards are flagged – with pic – in today’s TV Listings and there will be a story in Monday’s MEN if the Civil Justice Centre wins.
    As for Peter Kay…having carried the original story about the programme in the MEN, I – along I’m sure with many other journalists – spent a large amount of time over the last week or so trying to obtain a preview DVD of tomorrow night’s programme. I finally gave up at 5pm last night when Channel 4 said the material had still not been delivered to them and they would not be getting anything in before transmission.
    Peter Kay would not give an interview in connection with the programme and no other material was available – aside from the information we had already published. That’s why, reluctantly, we did not run a feature piece yesterday or today. But, again, the programme is flagged – with pic – in today’s TV listings.
    You are entitled to your opinion, but I’m astonished that you think we neglect Manchester programmes.
    In recent weeks I’ve written news stories and features on Britannia High, Sunshine, Mirror Mirror, It’s My Life, Coronation Street, Massive etc etc (all made in and around Manchester), while also working on several future features on shows like the new series of Wythenshawe- filmed Shameless, Manchester-filmed BBC1 drama Survivors etc.
    Of course we also feature programmes not made or linked to Manchester but always try and highlight a local link – as with The X Factor interview with Scott from Manchester etc.
    I hope the fact that I’m sat here still working on Manchester TV stories on my day off will help convince you that I’m just as proud of the city as you are!

  3. Olive McIlroy

    Diana Vickers a breath of fresh air. In my mind Dusty Springfield alive and well. She has her own charisma and aura Dusty would be so proud

  4. i think u are brilliant. ure defo gonna win. ure different and dats a gd fin

  5. Irrevelant

    Please do not insult Dusty Springfield a wonderful singer by comparing her with that dreadful girl, Diana Vickers. I think at best she is a wishy washy version of Marianne Faithful. She is trying so hard to be different and Cowell and whoever are behind her.
    Laura deserved to be voted off, in comparison to Ruth her voice sounded so false and weak. A lot of these people I think and I am no expert learn to sing by some sort of technique. They all sound the same. Ruth and the other girl, Alexandra have lovely voices they sound natural.
    The young boy Eoghan and the boyband are very good also. Anyway I think the whole thing has been played out. It should be scrapped.

  6. Shortie

    I really love DIANA VICKERS! She is SO awesome and just plain gorgeous! I love the quirkiness (however you spell it!) and the lovelyness of her personality. (I also love the no shoes and REALLY love the flowy dresses!) She will win (defo!) and i’ve already put her album on my christmas list!

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