Coronation Street: Kabin Fever

DAWN was breaking today when a Coronation Street story caught my eye.
ITV is to cash in on the popularity of the soap by launching a range of spin-off products, it read.
It added: “ITV is also planning to re-open the Coronation Street set in Manchester to the public with behind-the-scenes tours.”
Except the new report here reminded me of how these possible plans had already been trailed back in March here.
Having since spoken to the ITV team currently out in Cannes, it’s clear that these potential spin-off products are still “in development”.
Although a presentation has now been made to manufacturers, no deals have yet been signed.
So don’t go rushing out just yet to order Betty’s Hot Pot in your local Rovers Return.
As for some kind of return for Granada Studios Tour, that’s still just another idea – and certainly nothing to get excited about just yet.

It was a line first floated in that March article, which appeared to me to be a wish list for possible commercial exploitation.
It’s true to say that ITV is examining ways in which public tours of the Coronation Street set could be resumed.
But at this stage it still appears to be something they would like to do, rather than anything more definite.
Any tour plan would have to overcome the access problems created by the intensive five episodes a week filming schedule.
Then there’s the question of the possible move of Coronation Street to Salford Quays.
ITV has yet to announce a decision.
But if ITV Granada in Manchester did move, could the old Corrie set at Quay Street be left behind as a tourist attraction?
Or would the land – post credit-crunch – be worth more filled with offices, apartments, shops, restaurants or whatever?