Coronation Street: Rovers To Return?

THE Coronation Street cobbles could see the return of a few rovers next year.
As mentioned in last night’s blog, I spoke to producer Kim Crowther yesterday.
She told me: “There might be a few faces we bring back.
“Ones that have left recently, who we love but we just felt at the time, ‘Why would they stay at this point in the story?’
“But that we might well still bring back and see again next year.”
Although I may be wide of the mark, my thoughts immediately turned to one or two members of the Morton family.
They were led by Michael Starke, recently departed as kebab shop owner Jerry

Young Darryl is the only Morton left on screen.
Although his mum Teresa Bryant (Karen Henthorne) was seen again recently after getting drunk in The Precinct.
That led to the exit of his twin sister Mel, played by Emma Edmondson.

Darryl is played by Johnny Dixon, who has grown into one of the young bright lights in the Corrie cast.
“I think all the actors in the Morton family were terrific,” said Kim.
“I just think they were on screen for an awfully long time before they got any story.
“And then they seemed to make sense.
“It was a big family to establish, as well.
“But then when we brought in the mother Teresa, it kind of made sense of the family, actually.
“But by then we were into a big story which meant an exit at the end of it.
“And Darryl was the only one who really got established with other regular characters, being David and the Platts.
“But it’s great keeping Darryl around because it means we can bring any of the others back as and when, when we’ve got a story.”
So which Morton would you like to bring back to the Street?
And what about elsewhere on the cobbles?
How about Harry Mason (Jack Ellis) – another recent departure?
We now know he is selling off his chain of bookmakers, which seems pretty final to me.
But might there be a future for him with Liz behind the bar of the Rovers?
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