Strictly: The Results Show

WHO will be the first to leave the dance floor in tonight’s Strictly Come Dancing results show?
Well, as blogged before, some viewers will already know the answer long before it’s screened on BBC1 this evening.
The problem with recording the results show on Saturday night and broadcasting it the next day is that the result leaks out.
Those who know where to look knew the identity of the male celebrity evicted by the judges late last night.
As well as the reaction of his dance partner.
Of course you don’t have to spoil your own enjoyment.
And I would never reveal a result before it’s been shown on TV.
But the inevitability of a leak is one of the reasons Simon Cowell refused to sanction a recorded Sunday night results edition of The X Factor.

It’s also a little silly to ask Bruce Forsyth and Tess Daly to pretend it’s Sunday, when we all know the show was filmed some 24 hours earlier.
Still, I’m sure TV bosses will argue that the Sunday night ratings justify their decision.
Just for the record, here’s the bottom five after last night’s judges’ vote – ahead of the public poll:
Mark Foster & Hayley Holt: 22
John Sergeant & Kristina Rihanoff: 22
Phil Daniels & Flavia Cacace: 20
Don Warrington & Lilia Kopylova: 19
Gary Rhodes & Karen Hardy: 17
*While we’re on the subject of Saturday Knight Fever…I watched Merlin for the second time last night following the launch earlier this month.
The first episode found itself in direct head-to-head competition with The X Factor.
So did the Merlin writers insert an in-joke into the script?
I’m talking about the witch whose singing sent her audience into an endless slumber…
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