Place Of Execution: Juliet Stevenson

JULIET Stevenson had some interesting things to say at the launch of her latest TV drama earlier this month.
“I think we should lead in television. I don’t think we should follow,” she said.
“I do think it’s a shame, the whole obsession with following what people want to see and then giving them more of that.
“Rather than saying, ‘Try this’.”
Juliet stars in three-part ITV1 drama Place Of Execution, which begins at 9pm on Monday.
You can read more about her and the drama in today’s MEN TV feature here.
She also spoke about her character – a documentary film-maker who has mostly put work first and her daughter second.
“It’s quite useful for women to see portraits of working women who aren’t manging brilliantly,” insisted Juliet.

“As every working mother knows, it is hard work and you spend most of your time thinking you’re failing or not quite doing well enough.
“Somebody is missing out somewhere, usually in both camps.”
Like many, I’m a big fan of Juliet’s 1990 BBC film Truly, Madly, Deeply.
She’s gone on to play many different characters.
While fighting against what she sees as a trend of people “being asked to play endless versions of themselves”.
Juliet is currently filming a one-off BBC film based on Jacqueline Wilson’s novel Dustbin Baby.
Due to be screened at Christmas, she plays a teacher who decides to foster a troubled and damaged teenage girl.
But for the moment, I recommend you catch her in Place Of Execution.
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