Leslie Ash: Face To Face

KEEP young and beautiful…if you want to be loved.
There’s something very sad at the heart of Leslie Ash’s TV documentary tomorrow night.
She tells the story of how her lip fill went disastrously wrong and investigates the cosmetic beauty and plastic surgery industry.
Leslie explains the pressure she felt to keep young and beautiful.
All the more pressing, it appears, if you are a female actress renowned for their looks.
As the years slip by and those looks begin to fade, beauty can turn into a curse.
Never having been troubled by good looks, perhaps I’m not best placed to judge.
But I still find it astonishing that after all she has been through, Leslie does not rule out further work on her face.

She reflects on the saga of her trout pout:
“There’s a lot of people out there that are saying, ‘Oh, stupid, she was a beautiful girl anyway, she didn’t need that.’
“But I’m sorry. It’s what’s inside.
“It’s got nothing to do with anyone else. Absolutely nothing.
“It’s down to that one person and no-one else.”
As part of her TV probe, she interviews her friend Toyah Willcox.
Toyah has had a facelift and Leslie is impressed with the result.
At the end of the documentary Leslie concludes: “I hope having done this film, it will finally draw a line under the issue of my lips.
“I know there’s nothing more that can be done.
“But would I ever have a facelift?
“Well, after seeing what it did for Toyah, you know what, I’d never say never.”
Leslie Ash: Face To Face ITV1 Tue Sept 23, 9pm
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